EE 140/240A. Linear Integrated Circuits

Current Schedule (Fall 2016)


Catalog Description: (4 units) Single and multiple stage transistor amplifiers. Operational amplifiers. Feedback amplifiers; 2-port formulation; source, load and feedback network loading. Frequency response of cascaded amplifiers, gain-bandwidth exchange, compensation and pole splitting, dominant-pole techniques. Supply and temperature-independent biasing and references. Selected applications of analog circuits, such as op-amps, analog-to-digital converters, switched-capacitor filters, and comparators. The laboratory builds on the concepts presented in the lectures and provides hands-on design experience and help with the use of computer-aided design tools such as SPICE.

Prerequisites: EE 105.

Course objectives: To give the student a firm grounding in the analysis and design of MOS and bipolar analog integrated circuits. Emphasis is placed on the practical aspects of IC design, and on intuitive understanding of circuit behavior as opposed to heavily analytical approaches. A heavy emphasis is placed on design content, and the students use SPICE as a simulation tool.

Topics covered:

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