CS 302. Designing CS Education


CS 302 focuses on organizing, delivering, and administering CS courses. Activities include a semester-long project designing a 10-week university CS course:

Along with project-related activities, participants survey various modes of instruction and attempt to match them to personal pedagogical strengths and weaknesses. Other topics for discussion include uses of technology in instruction and administrative concerns such as staff management and grading.

In class discussion and online review, participants critique each other's course designs and refine their own to reflect suggestions and principles drawn from the various readings. Participants take turns at being a "scribe" who takes notes from class discussions.

This course is a requirement for the CS graduate teaching minor; the course revision adds a unit (and a few more activities) to make the course consistent with other graduate minor requirements. Assignments involve reviewing work of other participants via online commentary and discussion; this adds at least an hour per week of "virtual discussion", and accounts for the relatively small number of face-to-face contact hours.

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