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Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences


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How It Differs From Other EECS Masters Programs

This program is geared toward students who would like to pursue an education beyond the B.S./B.A., allowing them to achieve greater breadth and/or depth of knowledge, and who would like to try their hand at research as well. It is not intended for students who have definitely decided to pursue a Ph.D. immediately following graduation. Those students are advised to apply for a Ph.D. program at Berkeley or elsewhere during their senior year. Students who have been accepted into the Five Year B.A./M.S. or B.S./M.S. are free to change their minds later and apply to enter the Ph.D. program or apply to a Ph.D. program at another university. Note that admission is competitive with all our Ph.D. applicants.

The program is focused on inter-disciplinary training at a graduate level; with at least 8 units of course work outside EECS required. Students will emerge as leaders in their technical and professional fields.

  • Focused on inter-disciplinary study and more experience in aligned technical fields such as Physics, Materials Science, Statistics, Biology, etc., and/or professional disciplines such as Management of Technology, Business, Law and Public Policy.
  • If admitted to the program, students must begin the graduate portion in the semester immediately following the conferral of the Bachelor degree.
  • Only one additional year (two semesters) beyond the Bachelor degree.
  • Only available to Berkeley EECS and L&S CS undergraduates.
  • Participants in program may NOT serve as Graduate Student Instructors.
  • Participants in program are self-funded.

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