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Graduate Student Instruction (GSI)

EECS 5th Yr. Bachelor/Masters Program students who wish to serve as GSIs are encouraged to do so as Seniors. They may not serve as GSIs during the graduate program because of the time constraints of research and classes. Exceptions to this policy may be requested by petition and must include research advisor's explanation of why a GSI appointment will not delay the student's graduation. Petitions for exception should be submitted to the division graduate student services advisor for processing. A decision will be made by the 5th yr. MS committee and communicated to the students and the GSI coordinators. A GSI application may not be submitted until a petition for exception has been approved.

Note: International students will be responsible for paying NRT if above exception is approved and s/he is appointed as a GSI. No department funds will be available for this purpose.

Note: If above exception is approved, 5th yr. MS students will have lower priority than standard MS/Ph.D. students when assigning GSI positions.

Change of Degree Goal

5th Yr. Bachelor/Master students may petition to add the Ph.D. to their current degree goal of MS only. In addition to the completed Graduate Petition for Change of Major or Degree Goal , the student must also submit the following items by the regular EECS admission deadline of Dec. 15 to be reviewed during the admission cycle.

  1. Valid GRE scores.
  2. A strong letter of support from research advisor attesting to Ph.D. potential.
  3. A letter of guaranteed GSR financial support from research advisor through Ph.D. (no department funding).

Note: Students who are successful in petitioning to add the Ph.D. are required to take and pass the departmental Preliminary Examination.

Maximum Duration in the Graduate Program

This program is intended to be a maximum of two (2) semesters after conferral of Bachelor degree.

Breadth courses

  1. Requires at least 8 units outside EECS.
  2. Must form a coherent set of courses that well prepares the student for leadership goals.
  3. No courses cross listed with EE or CS will be approved.
  4. Breadth courses must be approved by 5th Yr. MS Committee.

Collaborative Projects with Industry

Research Advisor approval is required for any student conducting M.S. or Ph.D. research off-campus.

Unit Credit From Backdated Graduate Standing

Berkeley undergraduates who take graduate course work during their last undergraduate semester may petition to backdate graduate standing in order to receive graduate credit for that course work. Graduate standing may be backdated for only one semester, and students may petition for credit only for the course work that was not previously used to satisfy requirements for another degree and/or honors program at Berkeley or at any other institution.

The petition to backdate graduate standing cannot be processed until a student has

  1. been admitted to the EECS Five Year Bachelor/Master Program,
  2. been admitted for the Master's degree by the Graduate Division, and
  3. completed one semester of course work while in graduate standing.

The petition will be processed by the Graduate Student Services Advisor when Master's students advance to candidacy at the beginning of the second and final semester in the Master's program.

Also note:

  • All courses must be taken for a letter grade, EXCEPT for 299s which must be taken for the S/U option.
  • You need a minimum cumulative graduate GPA of 3.0.