EECS Department Space Policy

  1. Regular Ladder Rank Faculty: Individual office
  2. Emeritus Faculty: retain office for one year, then move to Emeritus office; exceptions made for faculty on active recall.
  3. Visiting Faculty: Shared office (2 to an office; 3 if space is very tight)*
  4. Regular Career Staff: Shared office; supervisors get private office if at all possible
  5. Visiting Scholars: Share graduate student space*
  6. Visiting Industrial Fellows: Share graduate student space*
  7. Graduate Student Instructors: Shared desk in GSI office
  8. Graduate Student Researchers: Individual desk in shared office; administered by "space Czar" of interest group; some GSRs have to wait for desks freed up by graduating students
  9. New grad students (not GSR/GSI): no space
  10. Postdocs: Share graduate student space
  11. Student Groups: Receive office if actively performing department service

* very high level visiting faculty, visiting scholars and VIFs are given shared or individual offices as space permits.

- Edward Lee, Department Chair