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A Message from the Vice Chair of Undergraduate Matters Professor Dan Klein

You are about to enter one of the greatest adventures of your life: selecting a school at which to pursue your college degree. If you have outstanding academic achievement and you enjoy science, mathematics, problem solving, and design, I hope you will seriously consider applying to the University of California, Berkeley's Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences (EECS) Department.

Engineering is about the application of technology to solve societal needs. Electrical engineers and computer scientists are the people responsible for designing the systems and components that capture, store, process, interpret, and transmit information or signals. Some of the most significant technological advances of the 20th century were either invented or put into practice by electrical engineers and computer scientists, including electric power systems, global broadcast and personal telecommunication systems, computer systems, computer networks, medical instrumentation such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and computer-aided tomography (CAT), integrated circuits, lasers, household appliances, and feedback control such as for autopilots. New technologies developed by electrical engineers and computer scientists are likely to be even more important in the 21st century as a new era of intelligent, information-driven systems is made possible by fundamental advances in higher speed and smaller devices, faster communication rates, and greater computational capabilities.

There are many reasons to think seriously about Berkeley. It is one of the most distinguished institutions of higher learning, with an outstanding College of Engineering (ranked number two in the nation by the prestigious National Research Council), a leading EECS department, a world-renowned faculty, a strong commitment to excellence in undergraduate education, and a beautiful campus situated opposite the Golden Gate Bridge of San Francisco Bay. We are also a short distance from Silicon Valley, and a number of high-technology companies are also based in the Berkeley and Alameda areas. This close proximity to the latest and coolest technologies enlivens our curriculum, provides many research and summer job opportunities for our students, and makes this a very exciting place to study electrical engineering and computer sciences.

There is, and will continue to be, a high demand for EECS engineers. Due to the rapid pace of change, Berkeley's academic program is flexible and emphasizes fundamentals. You will use up-to-date undergraduate computer and laboratory facilities. Distinguished Teachers of the Berkeley campus will be your lecturers, advisors, and mentors. You can participate in undergraduate research projects. You can first learn about EECS in several courses for freshmen. There is a great opportunity to take courses in other fields as part of your education. Engineers usually work in teams, so we also encourage our students to take courses to sharpen their writing and speaking skills. I invite you to read further about our programs and our profession.

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