3. Resources and Facilities

  1. Resources for the Disabled
  2. Department Resources and Facilities
    1. Administrative Offices
    2. Instructional Laboratories
    3. Research Centers and Labs
    4. Student Commons, Lounges and Conference Rooms
    5. Public Printers
    6. Lost and Found
  3. Campus Resources and Facilities
    1. Administrative Offices
    2. Student Facilities
    3. Libraries and Reading Rooms
    4. Personal Advising and Counseling
    5. Special Support Services
    6. Undergraduate Employment
    7. Berkeley International Office (BIO)
    8. Cal Student Handbook
  4. Computer Facilities

  1. Resources for the Disabled

    The campus offers many different resources for graduate students with disabilities. The purpose of an academic accommodation is to offer the graduate student an equal opportunity to meet the department's academic standards and requirements. The Disabled Students Program at 642-0518 serves graduate students with disabilities (who complete the process for establishing eligibility) by authorizing academic accommodations.

    Disabled Access Services at 643-6456 can usually assist with accommodations to extra-curricular events. Most physical access issues are addressed in the Campus Access Guide. Finally, problems with accommodations may be reported to the campus Disability Resolution Officer by sending an email to esc@berkeley.edu.

  2. Department Resources and Facilities

    1. Department Offices

      EECS Center for Student Affairs

      203 Cory Hall EECS Director of Undergraduate Matters
      EECS Undergraduate Advisor
      CS Scholars Program Coordinator
      CS Undergraduate Advisor
      205 Cory Hall CSA Main Office
      EECS Undergraduate Coordinator 642-7372
      EE Course Scheduling & Info. 642-1786
      EE Graduate Admissions
      EE GSI Assignments
      CS Graduate Admissions
      Graduate Fellowships
      Masters Student Advisor 643-8107
      217 Cory Hall Graduate Matters Supervisor
      EE Graduate Advisor
      221 Cory Hall Director of Student Affairs 642-3694
      253B Cory Hall EE Graduate Matters/Special Projects 642-3497
      3rd floor entrance,
      Soda Hall
      Undergraduate Peer Advisors
      367 Soda Hall CS Graduate Advisor 642-9413
      377 Soda Hall LSCS Director of Undergraduate Matters
      LSCS Undergraduate Advisor
      379 Soda Hall CS Course Scheduling & Info. 643-6002
      LSCS Undergraduate Advisor 664-4436
      227 Bechtel Hall Diversity Coordinator
      200A Sutardja Dai Self Pace Center

      Cory Hall

      1st Fl. Mezzanine, Cory CSS Team 2 Administrative Office 2-2301
      231 Cory Hall External Relations Group
      253 Cory Hall EECS Main Office 642-3214
      253 Cory Hall EE Mailboxes
      253A Cory Hall Cory Hall Building Manager 642-1468
      395 Cory Hall EECS Help Desk 642-7777

      Soda Hall

      387 Soda Hall CS Division Main Office 642-1042
      393 Soda Hall Soda Hall Building Manager 643-6619
      383 Soda Hall EECS Management Services Officer 643-6688
      325 Soda Hall Infrastructure Development & Support Grp 642-0267
      395 Soda Hall CS Faculty Mailboxes
      396 Soda Hall CS Graduate Student Lecturer & Staff Mailboxes
    2. Instructional Labs

    3. Research Centers and Labs

    4. Student Commons, Lounges and Conference Rooms

      Students can reserve conference and meeting rooms through their bCal calendar account.

      All students may use the TI Lounge (on the 2nd floor north hallway of Cory), rooms 333 and 399 Cory Hall, and the 343 Soda Hall lounge.

      In addition, graduate students may use the following rooms in Soda Hall, 430/434/438, 511, 551, 611, 651, 711 and 751. For Cory Hall, there is 212, 258, 367, 373, 504, and 557.

    5. Public Printers

      Please Note: Most printers in Cory and Soda Halls are NOT publically available (i.e. should not be used by students). Please only use the printers listed below.

      Printers in the EECS instructional labs are accessible to users with EECS instructional accounts. For more information, please see the Instructional Support Group printer page

      Cory Hall
      There are no public printers in Cory Hall at this time. The instructional printers located on the 2nd floor of Cory Hall are maintained by IESG (inst@eecs).

      Soda Hall
      Public printers are located in 384 and 730 Soda Hall (lws384, lws384_duplex & lws730).

      • For paper/toner problems contact printers@cs.
      • For job cancellations and clearing queues contact help@eecs.
    6. Lost and Found

      Police Department 1 Sproul Hall 642-6760 (non-emergency)
      642-3333 (emergency)
      EECS Department Office 253 Cory (Hours: 8-12, 1-4:30) 642-3214
      CS Division Office 387 Soda (Hours: 8-12, 1-4:30) 642-1042

  3. Campus Resources and Facilities

    1. Administrative Offices

      318 Sproul Hall Graduate Division – Degrees 642-7330
      318 Sproul Hall Fellowships 642-0672
      309 Sproul Hall Admissions 642-7405
      120 Sproul Hall Cal Student Central
      (Billing, Financial Aid, Residency,
      Registration, Transcripts)
      Emergencies 911 or 642-3333
    2. Student Facilities

      Student Housing (Please see website for specific contact info.)
      University Health Services Tang Center, 2222 Bancroft Way 642-2000
      Optometry Clinic Minor Hall 642-2020
      Counseling Center Tang Center, 2222 Bancroft Way 642-9494
      Career Center 2111 Bancroft Avenue 642-1716
      Recreational Sports Facilities
      Cal Dining
    3. Libraries and Reading Rooms

      Doe Library 642-6657
      Moffitt Undergraduate Library 642-5070
      Kresge Engineering Library, Bechtel Engineering Center 642-3339
      Math-Stat Library , 100 Evans Hall 642-3381
      Physics-Astronomy Library , 351 LeConte Hall 642-3122
      Chemistry Library, 100 Hildebrand Hall 642-3753

      For more information, please see: a list of all the libraries on campus, borrowing procedures, catalogs of library resources, and much more.

      By the beginning of the semester, each library should have a printed schedule, which gives the hours of operation for all the libraries, including schedule changes for holidays and semester breaks.

    4. Personal Advising and Counseling

      Dr. Shuangmei (Christine) Zhou is a licensed staff psychologist from Counseling and Psychological Services (CPS) and is also the in-house psychologist for the College of Engineering. She is located in 241 Bechtel on Tuesdays and Fridays. She can help with stress and anxiety, depressed moods, procrastination, time management, and many other concerns.

      • Email her at christinez@uhs.berkeley.edu or call 510-643-7850 to schedule an appointment
      • Drop-in hours on Tuesdays 2pm-4pm and Wednesdays 10am-12pm

      Counseling and Psychological Services (Tang Center, 2222 Bancroft Way, Room 3300) provides career, academic, and personal counseling through individual and group sessions, couples counseling, testing services, and occupational information. Counselors are a multicultural group of social workers, psychologists, and psychiatrists. Any Berkeley student can come in to talk about deciding on a major, pinpointing interests and abilities, clarifying career goals, coping with personal crisis, dealing with concerns about family or other relationships, feelings of anxiety or loneliness, stress, or any of the many issues we all encounter. Talking with a counselor in a confidential, nonjudgmental atmosphere can aid in self-understanding and in solution of personal issues. If you know of students who need help, please refer them to the professional advisers at campus counseling services.

      Student Life Advising Services (140 Cesar E. Chavez Student Center, 510-642-7224) is a counseling and advising program that provides academic, personal, financial, and career guidance to all undergraduate students, with an emphasis on underrepresented ethnic minority students.

    5. Special Support Services

      There are many other sources of formal and informal academic and personal advice for students, including the following:

      • Disabled Students' Program (DSP) (260 César E. Chávez Student Center, 510-642-6376) is committed to ensuring that all students with disabilities have equal access to educational opportunities at UC Berkeley. We offer a wide range of services for students with disabilities. These services are individually designed, and based on the specific needs of each student as identified by our Disability Specialists.
      • Gender and Equity Resource Center (GenEq) (202 Cesar E. Chavez Student Center, 510-643-5730) is committed to providing programs, services and resource information about gender, sexual orientation, sex and gender identity, sexual & relationship violence and bias-related incidents. GenEq is a space for those interested in forming a community that welcomes difference, and for those interested in exploring issues of social justice.
      • Student Legal Clinic (300A Eshleman Hall, 510-642-9986), drop in hours Monday through Thursday 10:00-4:00pm, Friday 10:00-2:00pm. Undergraduate or graduate students work as interns by listening to clients' problems, researching their legal issues, informing clients of their options, and, if necessary, making agency or attorney referrals. They provide guidance in all areas of law, but the most popular cases involve small claims court, traffic/parking violations, and divorce and bankruptcy issues. During the Spring semester they also provide free income tax assistance.
      • Transfer Re-entry & Student Parent Center (100 Cesar Chavez Student Center, 510-642-4257, trsp@berkeley.edu) serves students who have had a break in their higher education and return to college to complete personal, academic, and career goals. The Re-entry Center provides orientations, special courses, tutoring, workshops and publications for current students. The center is also the hub of services for veterans, former foster youth, and otherwise independent students and provides orientations, academic courses, workshops, and mentoring programs for current and prospective students.

      Student Parents have several resources available here on campus:

      • Back-Up Child Care for UC Berkeley Student Parents offers both graduate and undergraduate students highly subsidized access to back-up child care. This program enables student parents to focus on study sessions, writing papers, or travel to attend conferences or give presentations when their usual caregiving arrangements are unavailable.
      • Childcare Services (510-642-1827).
      • The Berkeley Parents Network is a parent-run website, originally founded by EECS graduate students, that contains information for parents living in the Berkeley area. They send out 10 email newsletters each week to 30,310 local parents. Many busy parents have taken the time to enlighten and inform the community with their suggestions, their wisdom, and their experiences, archived on the website for all who need it.
      • The Student Parent Program (100 Cesar E. Chavez Student Center, trsp@berkeley.edu) is an essential resource for a highly motivated population of undergraduates students who are engaged scholars, as well as devoted parents. The Transfer, Reentry and Student Parents Center provides a centralized multi-purpose campus space, where students can access resources, engage in informal study groups, share information, form lasting friendships, build leadership skills, celebrate achievements, recover from setbacks, exchange childcare, nurse babies, and change diapers.

        The Student Parent Program is also a resource for envisioning, planning, and implementing the next steps needed to prepare for life after graduation. An active partnership with the Career Center supports the development of resumes, job search strategies, internships, personal statements, graduate school applications, and letters of recommendation.
      • Cal Parents (510-642-7147, calparents@berkeley.edu) is an array of services, information, events, and person-to-person help for parents of UC Berkeley students. With a parent advisory board and a dedicated campus staff, Cal Parents is your gateway to navigating the Berkeley campus.
      • If your parenting duties are causing difficulties and you would like to request a reduced course load, contact your Adviser in 230 Bechtel.

    6. Undergraduate Employment

      There are many jobs available on campus. Check out some of the opportunities below:

    7. Berkeley Inernational Office (BIO)

      Berkeley International Office
      International House
      2299 Piedmont Ave.

      Monday through Friday,
      9-12 and 1-4 p.m.

      BIO offers a variety of services on immigration, financial aid, work permission, advising, and special programs for Berkeley international students and scholars.

    8. Cal Student Handbook

  4. Computer Facilities

    The department has access to a variety of computer systems for use by EECS classes, professors, researchers and staff. The EECS Instructional Support Group provides about 20 logon servers for students in EE and CS courses, in addition to the 400 workstations in the instructional laboratories. Our computers run Windows, Linux, Solaris, and MacOS X. All computers are networked and share home directories that are accessible from every EECS instructional computer, and via remote login. Each student can maintain a personal portfolio on our department WEB server. The labs also have accommodations for students. laptops. Using their Cal 1 ID cards with approved access, students have access to the workstations in our labs 24 hours a day. The servers are also available 24 hours a day. At a given time, one third or more of the logged-in users are accessing our computers over the new from off-site locations. These resources are sufficient to serve the students in all EECS courses each semester. Information for new instructional users.

    Single sign-on: The central campus computing support group provides an authentication service called CalNet that students and staff use to login to most online campus resources, including email, course registration, course websites, libraries, human resources, and many others.

    Network Access: Most software that is required for assignments can be accessed remotely on our servers from anywhere on the Internet by students who have authorized login access. Students and staff can login via the campus wireless network (Air Bears), which extends throughout the campus. The Residence Halls provide network access for students. computers, allowing them full access to our servers from the dorms. The libraries provide computers as well as network access for students. laptops. The central campus supports a VPN (virtual private network) that allows students to authenticate (using CalNet) from any computer and obtain access to campus services such as software licenses.

    EECS graduate students are also given named accounts on an EECS system called "Cory." These accounts are for electronic mail purposes only and are not for research or course use. Information for these accounts can be found on the Connecting to the EECS Instructional Computers website. Computer access for class assignments is provided through the instructors on a course-by-course basis.