4. Getting Around

  1. Campus Shuttle
  2. Night Shuttle and BearWALK
  3. Disability Access
  4. Commuter Students
  5. Student Parking

  1. Campus Shuttle

    Bear Transit is UC Berkeley's shuttle system, servicing the campus and vicinity. Anyone can ride our shuttles, which provide convenient transportation between campus, Downtown Berkeley BART, parking lots, Clark Kerr campus, the Hill area, residence halls, Richmond Field Station (RFS), and north and south sides of campus.

    On the P and Hill Bus Lines, Bear Transit is free to campus affiliates holding a current campus ID, such as the Cal 1 Card. However, on the RFS line, all riders must pay a fare regardless of affiliation. Riders without campus ID must pay a nominal fare on all Bear Transit lines. Bear Transit is operated by the Parking & Transportation Department. See website to find out how to obtain a pass.

  2. Night Shuttle and BearWALK

    Night Safety Shuttles: Every Day

    Bear Transit Night Safety Shuttles are free to all including non-campus affiliates and operate during the weeks classes are in session during Fall and Spring semesters on specified routes from 7:30 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. and between 2:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. All scheduled routes operate door-to-door. The Night Safety Shuttle service is an extension of BearTransit daytime service, and provides safe nighttime transit to and from the campus to BART, study, research and meetings. Specified routes run from points on campus to BART, Clark Kerr campus and residence halls. Door-to-door runs from points on and around campus, to BART, Clark Kerr campus, residence halls, and communities surrounding campus. See map links for Late Night Drop Off Boundaries.

    Track your shuttle on a map and estimate arrival at: BearWALK shuttles.

    To-Your-Door Routes: Sunday through Saturday
    Night Safety routes designated as .To-Your-Door) make a circuit of all indicated bus stops, then continue in a prescribed service area. These shuttles will pick up at designated stops and will drop you almost anywhere within service area boundaries.

    Night Safety shuttles designated as .Door-to-Door. are dispatched to your location . you call to be picked up. These shuttles will pick you up at locations within the BearWALK pick up area and will drop you almost anywhere within the drop off service area boundaries.

    Shuttle Routes and Schedules.

    BearWALK (Night Escort) Service

    Trained, uniformed, and radio-equipped student employees of UC Police Department, Community Service Officers (CSOs) provide a walking escort in conjunction with the Night Safety Shuttle to nearby residences, public transportation or parking facilities during the evening hours.

    This service is available to all and is proven to make a difference in your safety. Program boundaries are:

    Cedar (N)
    Prospect/Highland Place (E)
    Parker (S)
    Shattuck (W)

    After 2:00 a.m. during the Fall and Spring semesters, there is door-to-door service provided by the Night Safety Shuttles, operated by Parking and Transportation. The DROP OFF service boundaries are expanded to:

    1. North: Hopkins/Yolo/Eunice Streets.
    2. West: Sacramento St.
    3. South: Ashby St.
    4. East: Hillside/Prospect Streets., including all campus housing facilities

    PICK UP boundaries remain the same.

    Please call no more than 15 minutes before desired pick up. BearWALK service starts at 6 p.m. (standard) or 7 p.m. (daylight). During Fall and Spring semesters, the last BearWALK request is taken at 5:45; a.m. The years of the year, BearWALK's last request is taken at 1:45 a.m.

  3. Disability Access

    ADA Transport website. All daytime shuttles, P-Line, RFS-Line, and H-Line, are equipped with wheelchair lifts. See information about parking.

  4. Commuter Students

    The Cal Commuter website is an online resource that allows commuter students to find information pertaining to commuter-specific needs, services, and questions including: getting to and parking on campus, finding housing, campus activities and events, and useful services.

  5. Student Parking

    You may buy a student parking permit at Parking Services:

    2150 Kittredge Street
    First Floor
    Berkeley, CA 94720-5740
    (510) 643-7701

    See also: Parking at Cory and Soda Halls and Rates for the various types of student permits