I am a postdoctoral researcher working with Michael Jordan and Martin Wainwright at UC Berkeley.
(Departments of EECS & Statistics; specifically AmpLab and BLISS/WIFO)

I completed my PhD thesis under Larry Wasserman and Aarti Singh at Carnegie Mellon University.
(Departments of Machine Learning & Statistics; Thesis: "Computational & Statistical Advances in Testing & Learning")

I completed my Bachelors thesis under Supratik Chakraborty at IIT Bombay.
(Department of Computer Science & Engineering)

Email: aramdas [at] berkeley _._ edu



Classification Accuracy as a Proxy for Two Sample Testing
Aaditya Ramdas, A. Singh, L. Wasserman [arxiv (15pg)]
Minimax Lower Bounds for Linear Independence Testing
Aaditya Ramdas, D. Isenberg*, A. Singh, L. Wasserman [arxiv (9pg)]
The p-filter: multi-layer FDR control for grouped hypotheses
R. F. Barber, Aaditya Ramdas [arxiv (18pg)] [scripts+code]
Rows vs Columns for Randomized Ridge Regression: Kaczmarz vs Coordinate Descent
Aaditya Ramdas, A. Hefny*, D. Needell* [arxiv (16pg)]
Sequential Nonparametric Testing with the Law of the Iterated Logarithm
Aaditya Ramdas, A. Balsubramani* [arxiv (13pg)]
On Wasserstein Two Sample Testing and Related Families of Nonparametric Tests
Aaditya Ramdas, N. Garcia*, M. Cuturi [arxiv (18pg)]
Adaptivity & Computation-Statistics Tradeoffs for Kernel & Distance based High-dimensional Two Sample Testing
Aaditya Ramdas, S. Reddi, B. Poczos, A. Singh, L. Wasserman [arxiv (35pg)]


5. Towards A Deeper Geometric, Analytic and Algorithmic Understanding of Margins
Aaditya Ramdas, J. Pena [arxiv (17pg)] [OMS]
(OMS '15) Optimization Methods and Software, 2015
4. Convergence properties of the randomized extended Gauss-Seidel and Kaczmarz methods
Aaditya Ramdas, A. Ma*, D. Needell* [arxiv (16pg)] [SIMAX]
(SIMAX '15) SIAM Journal on Matrix Analysis and Applications, 2015
3. Fast & Flexible ADMM Algorithms for Trend Filtering
Aaditya Ramdas, R. Tibshirani [arxiv (22pg)] [JCGS] [github `glmgen'] [50 min. talk]
(JCGS '15) Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics, 2015
2. Regularized Brain Reading with Shrinkage and Smoothing
L. Wehbe, Aaditya Ramdas, R. Steorts, C. Shalizi [arxiv (42pg)] [AoAS]
(AoAS '15) Annals of Applied Statistics, 2015
1. Simultaneously uncovering the patterns of brain regions involved in different story reading subprocesses
L. Wehbe, B. Murphy, P. Talukdar, A. Fyshe, Aaditya Ramdas, T. Mitchell [website] [PLOS] [pdf (19pg)] [supp (20pg)]
(PLoS ONE '14) Public Library of Science ONE, 2014


8. Fast Two-Sample Testing with Analytic Representations of Probability Measures
K. Chwialkowski, Aaditya Ramdas, D. Sejdinovic, A. Gretton [arxiv] [github]
(NIPS '15) 29th Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems, Montreal, 2015
7. Nonparametric Independence Testing for Small Sample Sizes
Aaditya Ramdas, L. Wehbe* [arxiv] [IJCAI]
(IJCAI '15, oral) 24th International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Buenos Aires, 2015
6. On the High Dimensional Power of a Linear-Time Two Sample Test under Mean-shift Alternatives
Aaditya Ramdas, S. Reddi*, A. Singh, B. Poczos, L. Wasserman [proceedings] [arxiv (25pg)] [pdf (9pg)] [supp (10pg)]
(AISTATS '15) 18th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Statistics, San Diego, 2014
5. On the Decreasing Power of Kernel and Distance based Nonparametric Hypothesis Tests in High Dimensions
Aaditya Ramdas, S. Reddi*, B. Poczos, A. Singh, L. Wasserman [proceedings] [arxiv (19pg)] [pdf (7pg)] [supp (5pg)]
(AAAI '15) 29th AAAI Conference on Artifical Intelligence, Austin, 2015
4. Margins, Kernels and Non-linear Smoothed Perceptrons
Aaditya Ramdas, J. Pena [arxiv] [proceedings] [pdf (9pg)] [supp (1pg)] [20-min oral]
(ICML '14, oral) 31st International Conference on Machine Learning, Beijing, 2014
3. An Analysis of Active Learning with Uniform Feature Noise
Aaditya Ramdas, A. Singh, L. Wasserman, B. Poczos [arxiv] [proceedings] [pdf (9pg)] [supp (8pg)] [25-min oral]
(AISTATS '14, oral) 17th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Statistics, Reykjavik, 2014
2. Algorithmic Connections Between Active Learning and Stochastic Convex Optimization
Aaditya Ramdas, A. Singh [arxiv] [proceedings] [pdf (15pg)] [25-min oral]
(ALT '13, oral) 24th International Conference on Algorithmic Learning Theory, Singapore, 2013
1. Optimal Rates for Stochastic Convex Optimization using Tsybakov's Noise Condition
Aaditya Ramdas, A. Singh [proceedings] [arxiv] [pdf (9pg)] [supp (3pg)] [20-min oral]
(ICML '13, oral) 30th International Conference on Machine Learning, Atlanta, 2013


      Recipient of School of Computer Science's Alan J. Perlis Graduate Student Teaching Award (2015).
      Recipient of Machine Learning Department's Best TA Award (2014).

I also completed the Future Faculty Program, a multi-year program run by CMU's Eberley Center for Teaching Excellence. [Transcript] [Letter]

12 short remedial videos to review pre-requisite material before an introductory graduate course in machine learning. [Reflections]

Guest Lectures


  1. PACT (high school) (Summer '15) - SVD, Random Graphs and Random Walks (90 mins, thrice)
  2. Technights (middle school girls) (Spring '15) - Volunteering, introduction to computer science (90 mins, twice)
  3. ISG (high school) (Spring '15) - school in Muscat, Oman - Introduction to machine learning (30 mins, twice)
  4. Andrew's Leap (high school) (Summer '14) - Game theory and mechanism design (80 mins)
  5. Andrew's Leap (high school) (Summer '13) - Multi-armed Bandits (80 mins)

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(my philosophy: work hard, play often, sleep long, eat healthy, travel around, be happy)

Endurance Sports

  • Triathlons - My highest point was when I completed a full Ironman 140.6 (2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, 26.2 mile run) in Louisville, Kentucky (August 25, 2013). I also completed a half Ironman (Grafham, UK, Summer '12) and two Olympic distance triathlons (Marlow, Pittsburgh).
  • Marathons - I've run a few marathons (Pittsburgh thrice, Columbus) and many half-marathons (Chicago, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Wales, Birmingham, Berkeley) and many 15mi/20mi/30K races around Pittsburgh (Spring Thaw, Just a Short Run, Marshall Mangler).
  • Biking - One of my favorite rides was the MS-150, a 150-mile weekend bike ride through the hills and farms of central Pennsylvania to raise money for Multiple Sclerosis patients. I also did the amazing Pittsburgh to Washington DC off-road trail (Great Allegheny Passage, CnO Canal) ride through parks and forests, accompanied by rivers and canals the whole 500km.

Adventure Sports

  • Land - My favorite is a 26-day Basic Mountaineering Course in the Himalayas (July 1-26, 2006), introducing us to climbing, jumaring, knots, rappelling, river-crossing, snowcraft, icecraft, safety, rescue, survival, etc where we reached a maximum height of 18,200 feet. I completed a backpacking school in 2013 with the Explorer's Club of Pittsburgh (ECP) that covered clothing, cooking, weather, first aid, planning, leading, etc and some wonderful overnight hikes. I also completed a rock-climbing school in 2015, also with the ECP that taught us a lot about the theory and safe practice of outdoor top-roping, using high quality gear to climb spectacular routes, peaking with our ascent of the iconic Seneca Rocks. I completed a certified Wilderness First Aid course in 2012. I also enjoy indoor bouldering, and have done orienteering in the past.
  • Air - I completed an Advanced Free Fall (part A) skydiving course that ended with my first (start assisted) solo jump and landing. I've also been paragliding and parasailing, but I'd like to do a course in those too.
  • Water - I completed the PADI open water certification for scuba diving, and have had the pleasure of diving around the world (France, Iceland, Singapore, Florida, etc).

Athletic Sports

  • Team - Cricket was my main obsession growing up - I played for the Oman U-13 team in the Gulf Cup (runners-up, Kuwait, 2002) and the Oman U-15 team in the Asia Cup (5th out of 14, UAE, 2004). I also played for the IIT Bombay team in three Inter-IIT tournaments (silver medallists, 2005) and around Bombay and the CMU team in a US-wide tournament. I used to play for my high school teams as well, in Oman and India. In IITB, I also played and won several sports for my hostel including basketball, water polo, football, hockey, etc and won several hostel Sports Colors and passing out Sports Color for these.
  • Individual - In IITB, I also represented my hostel's winning teams in sports like badminton and table tennis. At CMU, I picked up squash, racketball and tennis.

Cultural Activities

  • International - I received the Bronze and Silver award in the International Award for Young People (Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme). I also represented India at a 10-day cultural exchange program in Singapore (2004) and also attended a two-week Round Square Conference.
  • Intercollegiate - I represented IITB at several inter-collegiate speaking and literary competitions and won events like like Just-A-Minute (unbeaten last two years), courtroom trials, impromptus, quizzes, potpourris, wordgames, etc and won an IITB Instute Cultural Citation (given to about 5 of 1000+ graduating UGs/PGs) for the 30+ competitions I had won.
  • Interhostel - I represented my hostel in the Performing Arts Festival all four years (dance, background music, drama and voiceover, acting). I also took part in several inter-hostel competitions like dance, street play, drama, etc. I also represented my hostel in all literary and debating competitions, and got a hostel Cultural Citation for helping win the Literary Cup, and the overall interhostel Cultural Trophy.