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Bharath Hariharan
Address: 7th floor Sutardja Dai Hall,
University of California, Berkeley
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bharath2 AT cs DOT berkeley DOT edu

We are all trapped between the beautiful blueprints of the most perfect systems and the World that contradicts itself, the World that is "large and contains multitudes"

- Stefan Themerson, The Mystery of the Sardine

I am a fourth year graduate student with Prof. Jitendra Malik in the Vision group at University of California Berkeley. I did my undergraduate at the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi. I also did an undergraduate internship at Microsoft Research India under Manik Varma. My interests are in Computer Vision and Machine learning.

Conference Publications

  • Bharath Hariharan, Larry Zitnick and Piotr Dollar. Detecting objects using Deformation Dictionaries. To appear in CVPR, 2014.
    pdf || bibtex || abstract
  • Georgia Gkioxari*, Bharath Hariharan*, Ross Girshick and Jitendra Malik. Using k-poselets for detecting people and localizing keypoints. To appear in CVPR, 2014.
    *authors contributed equally.
  • Bharath Hariharan, Jitendra Malik and Deva Ramanan. Discriminative decorrelation for clustering and classification. In ECCV, 2012.
    pdf || bibtex || abstract
  • Pablo Arbelaez, Bharath Hariharan, Chunhui Gu, Saurabh Gupta, Lubomir Bourdev and Jitendra Malik. Semantic segmentation using regions and parts. In CVPR, 2012 (oral).
    pdf || bibtex || abstract
  • Bharath Hariharan, Pablo Arbelaez, Lubomir Bourdev, Subhransu Maji and Jitendra Malik. Semantic contours from inverse detectors. In ICCV, 2011.
    pdf || bibtex || abstract || dataset
  • Bharath Hariharan, Lihi Zelnik-Manor, S. V. N. Vishwanathan and Manik Varma. Large scale max-margin multi-label classification with priors. In ICML, 2010.
    pdf || bibtex || abstract || code

Journal Publications

  • Bharath Hariharan, S. V. N. Vishwanathan and Manik Varma. Efficient max-margin multi-label classification with applications to zero-shot learning. In Machine Learning Journal, 2012.
    pdf || bibtex || abstract

Other interests

I also like to write.
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