Open Source Quality Project Retreat

May 12-13, 2005

Santa Cruz

 The meeting will take place at the West Coast Hotel in Santa Cruz.

Retreat Schedule

Wed, May 11

   2:00   Bus leaves Soda Hall

   7:30   Dinner. We have made reservations for 7:30pm at two restaurants in downtown Santa Cruz, about 1-2 miles from the hotel. We are planning to walk there. We will meet at the hotel reception at 6:45pm and divide into two groups. We will probably start walking at 7:00. We will maintain a few available seats at each restaurant for latecomers. If you arrive very late (after 8:30 or so), and want to get a quick bite, go to the pub that is at the entrance to the Municipal Wharf (very close to the hotel). Open late, some light food.

  • Pearl Alley Bistro, 110 Pearl Alley, Santa Cruz, CA  (831) 429-8070 resv'd for 10 people, 7:30pm

  • Oswald’s, 1547 Pacific Ave. Santa Cruz, (831) 423-7427, 20 people, 7:30pm


Thu, May 12:  (The Santa Cruz Room)

   8:30am Continental breakfast

   9am Kick off, quick introductions

   10:45am coffee break


   12:30pm lunch

   2pm "5-minute madness"

    3:30pm Refreshments + poster session. 

    4:30pm Free time until dinner.  Suggested activity: a group walk along the shore to the lighthouse.

    6pm dinner. Carniglia's, at the end of the Wharf.

    8:30pm: desert, wine and a discussion back at the hotel. Proposed topic: TBD.


Fri, May 13:

    8:30am continental breakfast


    10:30am break (a good time to check-out)


   12:00 buffet lunch

   12:30 Visitor feedback session, overlapping the lunch.

   1:15 A Challenge Talk

   2:30  Bus leaves The Coast Hotel.