Bulk I/O Extensions to Java

This page is dedicated to improving the support for Bulk I/O in Java, which is currently rather poor. Below is a paper dicussing the implementation and exploring the performance of some Bulk I/O extensions to Java that provide typical speedups of over 2x for bulk sequential access and over 40x for bulk random access. The extensions are implemented using JNI (the Java Native Code interface) any should be compatible with any standard JVM which supports JNI (most do). The extensions have been successfully tested on Linux, Solaris, Irix and AIX, but should work with almost no change on other platforms as well. The current version can be downloaded below.


Bonachea, D., Dickens, P. and Thakur, R. " High-Performance File I/O in Java: Existing Approaches and Bulk I/O Extensions," Argonne National Laboratory, Technical Report #ANL/MCS-P840-0800, August 2000. (PostScript ps)
    Submitted to the Concurrency and Computation:Practice and Experience Journal, for publication in an upcoming issue.


Java Bulk I/O Extensions, version 1.3 (tar-gzipped archive)
   Archive readme file
   All contents of above archive
   Javadoc-generated docs for extensions

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