Security Reading Group, Fall 2008

Held weekly on Wednesday in Soda 606.
Food arrives at 11:45am, discussion starts at 12:00pm.

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Meeting Schedule

Date Presenter Topic Food
Aug 27
Ari Rabkin Personal knowledge questions for fallback authentication: Security questions in the era of Facebook, Ariel Rabkin. SOUPS 2008. Mark Winterrowd
Sept 3
N/A Papers Survey Adrian Mettler
Sept 10
Mark Winterrowd Automated Whitebox Fuzz Testing, P. Godefroid, M.Y. Levin, D. Molnar. MSR-TR 2007.
Catchconf: Symbolic execution and run-time type inference for integer conversion errors, D. A. Molnar, D. Wagner. UCB TR. 2007.
Matt Finifter
Sept 17
Karl Chen Beware of BGP Attacks, Ola Nordstrom, Constantinos Dovrolis. SIGCOMM 2004.
BGP Security Vulnerabilities Analysis, S. Murphy. RFC 2006.
A Survey of BGP Security, K. Butler, et al. 2005.
Matt Piotrowski
Sept 24
David Molnar An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Internet Miscreants, J. Franklin, A. Perrig, V. Paxon, S. Savage, CCS 2007.
Owned Price Index
What Price Data Tell us About Drug Markets, J.P. Caulkins and P. Renter. Journal of Drug Issues, Summer 1998.
Risks and Prices: An Economic Analysis of Drug Enforcement, P. Reuter and M.A.R. Kleinman. Crime and Justice, v7. 1986.
Joel Weinberger
Oct 1
Matthias Vallantin When Good Instructions Go Bad: Generalizing Return-Oriented Programming to RISC, Erik Buchanan, Ryan Roemer, Hovav Shacham, and Stefan Savage. CCS 2008. Arel Cordero
Oct 8
Adrian Mettler Verifiable Functional Purity in Java, M. Finifter, A. Mettler, N. Sastry, D. Wagner. CCS 2008. David Molnar
Oct 15
Adrienne Felt Pacemakers and Implantable Cardiac Defibrillators: Software Radio Attacks and Zero-Power Defenses, Daniel Halperin, et al. Oakland 2008.
A Heart Device is Found Vulnerable to Hacker Attacks, Barnaby J. Feder. NYT March 12, 2008.
Cynthia Sturton
Oct 22
Arvind Narayanan Privacy and Anonymity in a World of Interconnected Data Adrienne Felt
Oct 29
Arel Cordero BootJacker: Compromising Computers using Forced Restarts, Ellick M. Chan, et al. CCS 2008. Cynthia Sturton
Nov 5
Steve Hanna Ether: Malware Analysis via Hardware Virtualization Extensions, A. Dinaburg, et al. CCS 2008. Mark Winterrowd
Nov 12
Cynthia Sturton Constructions of Truly Practical Secure Protocols using Standard Smartcards, Carmit Hazay, Yehuda Lindell. Extended abstract appeared in CCS 2008. Steve Hanna
Nov 19
Matt Piotrowski Leveraging Legacy Code to Deploy Desktop Applications on the Web, John R. Douceur, Jeremy Elson, Jon Howell, and Jacob R. Lorch. OSDI 2008 Erika Chin
Nov 26
Canceled. Happy Thanksgiving.
Dec 3
Matt Finifter A Look in the Mirror: Attacks on Package Managers, Justin Cappos, et al. CCS 2008. Jon Whiteaker
Dec 10
Happy Holidays.