Palm Pilot Infrastructure at your disposal

Here's a list of software that you have available on your palm pilot:

  1. Top Gun Postman and "Mail". Use "Mail" to compose and read mail messages, and use Top Gun Postman to send mail to and receive mail from the Internet. Top Gun Postman just shuffles messages to and from the mail folders in the "Mail" application - use "Mail" to do all of your composing and reading.

    The following mail addresses are at your disposal (as well as all regular internet email addresses):

  2. Keiretsu. Use Keiretsu to send each other instant pager-like messages. All of the IBM visitors have been given the following Keiretsu identities:
  3. ProxiWeb. Use ProxiWeb to surf the web. ProxiWeb has been preloaded with this and the main IBM meeting pages in the bookmarks.

  4. NotePals. Use NotePals to take notes during the day. We will collect your pilots at the end of the day, and transfer your notes to individual web pages after the meeting is over. You'll be emailed with the location of your NotePals web page later this evening.

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Last modified: Thu Jan 7 12:03:23 1999