CS 258 Parallel Computer Architecture


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Table of Contents

CS 258 Parallel Computer Architecture

Today’s Goal:

What will you get out of CS258?

Will it be worthwhile?

Am I going to read my book to you?

What is Parallel Architecture?

Why Study Parallel Architecture?

Why Study it Today?

Is Parallel Computing Inevitable?

Application Trends


Commercial Computing

TPC-C Results for March 1996

Scientific Computing Demand

Engineering Computing Demand

Applications: Speech and Image Processing

Is better parallel arch enough?

Summary of Application Trends

- - - Little break - - -

Technology Trends

Can’t we just wait for it to get faster?

Technology: A Closer Look

Growth Rates

Architectural Trends

Phases in “VLSI” Generation

Architectural Trends

How far will ILP go?

Threads Level Parallelism “on board”

What about Multiprocessor Trends?

Bus Bandwidth

What about Storage Trends?


Can we see some hard evidence?

Consider Scientific Supercomputing

Raw Uniprocessor Performance: LINPACK

Raw Parallel Performance: LINPACK

500 Fastest Computers

Summary: Why Parallel Architecture?

Where is Parallel Arch Going?


Modern Layered Framework

How will we spend out time?

How will grading work?

Any other questions?

Author: David E. Culler

Home Page: http://www.cs.berkeley.edu/~culler/cs258-s99/

Other information:
David E. Culler UC Berkeley CS258 Parallel Computer Architecture Lecture 1