Fundamental Design Issues


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Table of Contents

Fundamental Design Issues

Recap: Toward Architectural Convergence

Convergence: Generic Parallel Architecture

Data Parallel Systems

Application of Data Parallelism

Connection Machine

Flynnís Taxonomy

Evolution and Convergence


PPT Slide

Dataflow Architectures

Evolution and Convergence

Systolic Architectures

Systolic Arrays (contd.)


Layered Perspective of PCA

Communication Architecture

Communication Abstraction

Understanding Parallel Architecture

Fundamental Design Issues

Sequential Programming Model

SAS Programming Model


Message Passing Programming Model

Design Issues Apply at All Layers

Naming and Operations

Naming and Operations: Msg Passing



Communication Performance

Simple Example

Linear Model of Data Transfer Latency

Communication Cost Model

Summary of Design Issues

Author: David E. Culler

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David E. Culler UC Berkeley CS258 Parallel Computer Architecture Lecture 1