David Sun
Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences
University of California, Berkeley

About me

I am a fourth-year computer science Ph.D. student at UC Berkeley. I'm a member of the Berkeley Institute of Design. My advisor is Prof. John Canny. My research interests span human computer interaction and statistical signal processing. My current work involves building large aperture microphone arrays for supporting hands-free speech acquisition, speech enhancement, and speaker localization/tracking. I also hold a strong interest in Computer Supported Group Work, in both understanding and building applications that support collaboration among multiple users. I worked on Operational Transformation, a technique that supports fine-grained real-time collaborative editing by multiple users. Google Wave has adopted OT as the core technqiue behind its collaboration features.

I came from Brisbane, Australia. I graduated with Bsc and Bsc(hons) degrees in Computer Science from the University of Queensland and Griffith University in 2002 and 2003. I was a member of the Internet Computing Group at Griffith from 2003 to 2005, working on Transparent Adaptation, a framework for converting off-the-shelf single-user applications into real-time collaborative applications without examining or modifying the original application's sourcecode. Some classes I have taken at Berkeley.



Microphone Arrays

Operational Transformation

Transparent Adaptation





Classes I taught:
CS61b (Summer 08): Data Structures and Programming Methodology

Classes I was GSI for:
CS61b (Spring 08): Data Structures and Programming Methodology
CS160 (Fall 07): User Interface Design, Prototyping, and Evaluation
CS160 (Fall 06): User Interface Design, Prototyping, and Evaluation