CS 261 Project Groups

Securing program execution--tamper-proof program delivery

Josh MacDonald [web page]
Final writeup: ps

Pay-per-use services on the Palm computing platform

Mike Chen and Andrew Geweke [web page]
Final writeup: ps

Secure HotSync

Helen Wang [web page]
Final writeup: ps

Authentication agents: limiting exposure with marginally trusted hosts

Nikita Borisov [web page]
Poster: ps
Final writeup: ps

A secure-email infrastructure

Rob von Behren and ByungHoon Kang [web page]
Final writeup: paper hardcopy, ps, html, MS Word

Sniffer detection

Dong Wu Zhao [web page]
Final writeup: ps

Sniffer detection

David Wu and Frederick Wong [web page]
Final writeup: ps

How secure is Kerberos v4?

Kris Hildrum [web page]
Final writeup: ps

Traffic analysis of SSL-encrypted web browsing

Heyning Cheng and Ron Avnur [web page]
Final writeup: paper hardcopy, ps

Traffic Analysis of SSL-Encrypted Web Browsing

Bhaskaran Raman and Shailen Mistry [web page]
Poster: html
Final writeup: paper hardcopy, ps (figures are online separately in GIF format: fig12 fig3 fig4 fig56)

Active intrusion detection systems

Philip Chong [web page]
Final writeup: html

(characterizing host network behavior, for improving intrusion detection)

Joseph Gebis [old web page, new web page]
Code archive: tgz
Final writeup: ps

Design and implementation of a security framework for the MASH tools vic and vat

Sreedhar Mukkamalla and Jimmy Shih [web page]
Final writeup: paper hardcopy, ps

Multimedia conferencing security

Jack Chen [web page not turned in yet]
Final writeup: html (the appendix is online separately as txt)

Infrastructure for a secure interface between wireless and data networks

Chen-Nee Chuah and Mark Spiller [web page]
Final writeup: html

Security model for the SDS

Steven Czerwinski and Ben Zhao [web page]
Final writeup: ps