LaTeX information for CS70

A LaTeX tutorial: [pdf], [ps]
The slides I used in my tutorial on latex.
Getting to grips with latex: [html]
Several good introductory tutorials. See especially tutorials #1, #9, #10, as well as #2, #7.
The Not Short Introduction to LaTeX2e: [pdf], [ps]
A fairly exhaustive introduction/reference on latex.
A list of symbols that are supported in latex and how to generate them.
The Comprehensive LaTeX Symbol List: [pdf], [ps]
A ridiculously comprehensive list of symbols that are supported in latex.

Where to get LaTeX software for other platforms

Latex is installed on all Instructional and lab machines. It also comes installed by default on most Unix machines. However, if you want to use latex on your home machine and you don't use Unix, maybe the following will be of some help to you. Warning: We have no personal experience with this software; we make no promises about whether this will work for you; and if something doesn't work, we will be unable to help you.

A LaTeX implementation for Windows.
An emacs implementation for Windows.
A LaTeX editor for Windows.
TeX on Mac OS X
A LaTeX implementation for Mac OS X.

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