LaTeX information for CS70

A LaTeX tutorial
The slides I used in my tutorial on Latex on Monday, Jan 28th.
Getting to grips with latex
Several good introductory tutorials. See especially tutorials #1, #9, #10, as well as #2, #7.
The Not Short Introduction to LaTeX2e
A fairly exhaustive introduction/reference on Latex.
Reference: Latex symbols
A list of symbols that are supported in Latex and how to generate them.
The Comprehensive LaTeX Symbol List
A ridiculously comprehensive list of symbols that are supported in latex.

Where to get LaTeX software

Instructional machines: Latex is installed on all Instructional and lab machines.

Unix: Latex comes installed by default on most Unix machines.

Windows: If you want to use Latex on a personal Windows machine, here are some free programs that we're told let you use Latex on Windows.

You will need both a front-end or editor (e.g., WinShell, TexShell, TexnicCenter, Emacs, Vim, or Notepad) and a LaTeX implementation (e.g., MikTeX). You will also need a PDF viewer (e.g., Acrobat Reader) to view the PDF files produced by LaTeX.

MacOS: Some free programs for installing Latex on the Mac:

Warning: We have no personal experience with this software; we make no promises about whether this will work for you; and if something doesn't work, we will be unable to help you. If it breaks, you get to keep both pieces.

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