CS 194-25 Special topics: Building Your Next Generation
Education Technologies Projects

edX: Analytics Platform for Intelligent Education

APIE, Analytics Platform for Intelligent Education, is an analytics dashboard for Edx which allows professors and teaching staff to gain insights on student performance and assignment effectiveness on a day to day basis. With ever growing class sizes online, professors can have difficulty gauging what specific topics students are struggling with. The APIE dashboard aims to alleviate these problems, allowing classes to scale much bigger, while still allowing teachers to understand the needs of students.

edX: Autograde-It

Autograde-It is a platform for automatically grading computer programming assignments. The goal of the project is to simplify the submission experience for students, and simplify the grading experience for instructors. Our goal is to improve student learning by providing instantaneous feedback on projects. The platform is very flexible, using a model of executable files as test cases and grading based on standard output.

Autograde-It GitHub

KnowMap: Student Progress Tracker and Teacher Track Classroom

In large college classes, it is essentially impossible for instructors to regularly monitor the progress of their students from a practical standpoint. Aside from assignment and exam scores, instructors are generally unaware of student understanding, which severely limits the possibility of dynamic education, lesson plans that evolve to meet student needs as they are made apparent. By adapting KnowMap to include statistics per concept, which reflect student usage of KnowMap as a personal progress tracking tool, instructors can easily determine whether or not students are struggling with certain topics. Our addition of the Student Progress Tracker and Teacher Track Classroom features has made KnowMap a viable pacing tool for teachers and students alike. With regular usage from students, who simply have to answer instructor provided questions and progress through the course map over the course of a semester, and instructors, who can use statistics about average retries per question and percentage of class completion for particular nodes to adapt their lesson plans accordingly, KnowMap makes the impossibility of monitoring large college classes a reality.

KnowMap GitHub

KnowMap: Questions

After attempting to familiarize some body of information, it's often helpful to check how well the information is understood. One way to do this is to answer a set of questions on the topic. The insight into one's understanding that can be immediately gained from reading, answering, and getting feedback from questions can lead to higher learning efficiency. We took this idea and applied it to Know Map, giving instructors the ability to create questions for nodes that students can attempt to answer. This process allows instructors to highlight the important points for a node, and it gives students a chance to reinforce concepts learned and test their understanding.

KnowMap GitHub

Tech Trainer

Test your stock trading skills against a program that can predict the future (of the market at least).  Tech Trainer is a plugin for Tech Trader that will allow you to trade unlimited historical data as live data feeds, complete with performance analytics and feedback on what you should have done and why.

Tech Trainer (plugin file)
Tech Trader (base platform)


When people take classes online, it often feels as though they are taking the class in a vacuum. There is little to no discussion, which we feel is a valuable part of the educational process. To help correct this, we decided to build an app that would promote the discussion of online videos and lecture series.

GitHub AcademyReady