CS 194-25 Special topics: Building Your Next Generation Education Technologies
Fall, 2012

WeekDateDiscussion TopicSeed ReadingProject Deadlines
1 Aug 27 Introduction and course overview
Aug 29 What is education?
2 Sept 03 Holiday
Sept 05 What should the learning experience be like?
3 Sept 10 How do you make learning more like a game? Jane McGonigal: Gaming can make a better world
What video games have to teach us about learning and literacy by James Paul Gee
Team formation
Sept 12 What education technology is currently out there?
Guest Speaker: Arjun Singh (EdX)
4 Sept 17 What are good design principles for education technology? Design issues for learning environments by Allan Collins Project Ideas Brainstorm
Sept 19 Guest speaker from WISE on design of education technology
5 Sept 24 Project Presentations Project Presentation and Proposal
Sept 26 Project Critiques with Classmates Critique of another team's proposal
6 Oct 01 Project Discussion Proposal with critiques addressed and Semester Plan
Oct 03 EduTech Hall of Shame
7 Oct 08 Project Discussion
Oct 10 EduTech Hall of Fame
8 Oct 15 Project Discussion
Oct 17 Education Paradigms of the past and present RSA Animate - Changing Education Paradigms
9 Oct 22 Project Discussion
Oct 24 Education Paradigms of the present and future
10 Oct 29 Project Discussion Project progress report
Oct 31 How do you motivate learning? Carol Dweck: The Effect of Praise on Mindsets
Dr. Dweck on Praising Children
11 Nov 05 Project Discussion
Nov 07 Usability Testing in Class Project Usability Test
12 Nov 12 Holiday
Nov 14 Auto Grading Choose one:
Auto grading programming assignments
Automated essay grading
Item response theory
Peer review
13 Nov 19 Project Discussion
Nov 21 Thanksgiving: No Class
14 Nov 26 Project Discussion
Nov 28 Auto Quiz Generation
15 Dec 03 Recitation Week: Optional Project Discussion
Dec 05 Poster Session
Finals Dec 13 No final, only report Project Final Report