Tao Ye, mi amor y esposa

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"Amazing new 3D Anniversary Scene for my love, Tao"
Hallway of photos of Tao and me in our two and a half years together. Modeled and Rendered in Infini-D.
"Whoa! Cool 3D scene!"
Tao and Dan photo from the Red Sea Restaurant mapped onto a scaled cube and set in a cool 3D environment. Modeled and Rendered in Infini-D.
Tao: "I'd like to give a shout-out to all my homies..."
Qui Ting, Nick Collins, Jing, Dan and Tao (striking a Gangsta pose) right before we almost get blown off of the Golden Gate bridge on our bicycles, Fall 1999.
"Dan seems cool but is struggling to curb his impulse to skip the reception and play the back nine behind them..."
Tao and Dan immediately after the wedding of Randy Chou and Gloria Lin, May 1 1999.

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