Computer Science 294-5 Virtual Reality
Project Status Turn-in
Due: April 15, 1997


Use this form to let us know the status of your project. Only one form is required per project. I f you have three people working on your project, list the other two partners in the "your partners name" field below.
1. Your name:

2. Your partner's name:

3. Your partner's name:

4. Project title

5. Proposal modifications (If your current idea of what you will do is different in any way from what you submitted earlier, list your proposal modifications here):

6. What have you done for your project so far?

7. What input devices do you hope to use for your system (check as many as may apply)

8. What output devices do you hope to use for your system (check as many as may apply)

9. What software system do you hope to use(check as many as may apply)

10. What do you plan to have finished by the April 22 deadline? We've decided to create a deadline of April 22 when you'll show us via a demo what you have finished so far. This will be worth approx 10% of your final project grade. If you show us you have made good progress and are on your way toward finishing your final project, then you'll get full credit. Use the space below to give us a sense of what we should expect at this deadline.

11. Final writeup URL: We will be asking every group to put their writeup online in HTML form. Let us know of what the URL will be so we can set up a placeholder. No writeup is due on April 22.

12. Comments / Questions / other needs?

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