Computer Science 294-5 Virtual Reality
Homework #1 & #2 Turn-in

Overview : UC Berkeley TR and Rover Interface

Use this form to turn in your comments after seeing either demo (TR or Rover) in 486 Minor Hall. Homework #1 is the Rover, homework #2 is the TR Interface. You just select which one below, but the questions are the same for both of them. Warning: This homework (and all that you turn in) counts in an important way toward your grades since we are not likely to have a midterm or final exam.
0a. Your name:

0b. Your demo:

Describe 5 features of the virtual reality display and discuss any improvements that could be made for each.

1a. Feature

1b. Improvements

2a. Feature

2b. Improvements

3a. Feature

3b. Improvements

4a. Feature

4b. Improvements

5a. Feature

5b. Improvements

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