Ahmed El Alaoui


Ph.D. student, Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences, UC Berkeley.

Co-advised by Michael I. Jordan and Benjamin Recht.

University of California, Berkeley
465 Soda Hall (AMPlab)
Berkeley, CA 94720-1720
Email me at elalaoui at eecs dot berkeley dot edu

Research interests

My research interests lie somewhere between mathematical statistics, optimization and theoretical computer science. My work is on the design and analysis of low complexity algorithms targeted at extracting information from noisy data, in a very broad sense. I spend my time thinking about how one can design an algorithm that runs under constrained resources, could they be time, memory, a minimal level of statistical performance, amount of randomness or amount of communication; and how to optimally tradeoff between these resources/constraints.



About me

I am a second year Ph.D. student in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the University of California at Berkeley. I did my master's at Ecole Normale Supérieure and my undergrad at Ecole Polytechnique. I wrote my master's dissertation on probabilistic record linkage while working at Ecole des Ponts with Guillaume Obozinski.