CS61B: Data Structures and Advanced Programming

Fall, 2001

Instructor: Prof. Paul Hilfinger

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Other Useful Information

Books for Further Reading

Some of you may be curious about Java and other topics from this course in greater detail than we will cover them, or might want alternative approaches and points of view. Here are books that some have found useful. None of them classifies as either "required" or "recommended" for the course, just "possibly of interest." You may find them in local bookstores or on the Net.

About Viewing Documents

Course documents available through these Web pages are either plain text files, Postscript files, or PDF (Portable Document Format) files. You can read the latter using Adobe's Acrobat Reader (at least version 3.0). Acrobat Reader is available on the machines in our instructional cluster as the program `acroread', and is also freely downloadable over the Web for PCs, Macs, and UNIX systems (click here, if it is not already installed on your home machine). If you are running on an appropriate machine, use the PDF files for on-line viewing.

Most documents are on-line versions of things that we have handed out in class or that are available from Copy Central. Please do not print these here. Students doing so in the past have tied up the lab printers and wasted enormous quantities of paper. We will try to see to it that paper copies are available; tell us if you have trouble getting them.

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