I recently received my PhD from the Berkeley Computer Science department where I was fortunate to be supported by both a NDSEG Graduate Research Fellowship and a NSF Graduate Research fellowship. As of January 2013, I am at Google working on Search. I received my bachelors in Mathematics with minors in Computer Science and Philosophy from Mary Baldwin College in May 2003 and Masters in Mathematics (May 2005) and Computer Science (May 2008) from University of Virginia. My research interests lie in algorithms, more specifically in graph algorithms, randomized algorithms and learning theory. I focus on developing usable algorithms and tend to evaluate these solutions with experiments. I was advised by Satish Rao.

If you're into this kind of thing, my CV is here

In Fall 2012, I co-taught CS 294 Social and Information Networks: Theory and Practice.


Under Submission: Streaming Balanced Graph Partitioning Algorithms for Random Graphs, presented at NIPS workshop Big Learning: Algorithms, Systems and Tools. Video of the talk. A manuscript is available on arXiv

Under Submission: The Structure and Efficacy of Double-Elimination Tournaments, with Virginia Vassilevska Williams, Manuscript

Streaming Graph Partitioning for Large Distributed Graphs, with Gabriel Kliot, Microsoft Research Tech Report, KDD 2012, ACM version
Slides from KDD

Constructing and Sampling Graphs with a Prescribed Joint Degree Distribution, with Ali Pinar, ACM Journal of Experimental Algorithmics, arXiv version

Manipulating Stochastically Generated Single-Elimination Tournaments for Nearly All Players, with Virginia Vassilevska Williams, WINE 2011. Previously appeared at WSCAI 2011 as Manipulating Single-Elimination Tournaments in the Braverman-Mossel Model
Slides from WINE talk

Rigging Tournaments Brackets for Weaker Players, with Virginia Vassilevska Williams, IJCAI 2011
NIPS CSS Workshop version, EECS Tech Report (full) version
The video of the conference talk is here.
You can find a video of a high level overview of this paper as part of Udacity's Intro to CS course, Unit 7.
Slides from the IJCAI talk

Sampling Graphs with a Prescribed Joint Degree Distribution Using Markov Chains, with Ali Pinar, ALENEX 2011.
Slides from the ALENEX talk
Appeared as a poster at Workshop on Information in Networks (WIN) 2010 and at NIPS Workshop on Networks Across Disciplines: Theory and Applications

A Regularization Approach to Metrical Task Systems with Jacob Abernethy, Peter Bartlett and Niv Buchbinder, Algorithmic Learning Theory 2010
Slides from the ALT talk

Finding Strongly-Knit Clusters in Social Networks with Nina Mishra, Robert Schreiber and Robert E. Tarjan, Internet Mathematics, vol 5, p155-174

Clustering Social Networks with Nina Mishra, Robert Schreiber and Robert E. Tarjan, WAW2007. LNCS, vol 4863, pp. 56-67.
Clustering Social Networks, Masters Thesis at the University of Virginia
Slides from the WAW talk

Crossing Numbers of Some Twisted Toroidal Grid Graphs (Abbie Foley, Rachel Krieger, Adrian Riskin and Isabelle Stanton) Bulletin of the Institute for Combinatorics and its Applications 36 (2002) p80-88

Edge-Graceful Graph Labelings, my undergraduate thesis

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University of California, Berkeley
Email ID: isabelle@eecs
Domain: berkeley.edu