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Ana Ramírez Chang

UC Berkeley
360 Hearst Mining
(510) 642-1268


University of California - Berkeley, Berkeley CA
PhD Student in Computer Science, emphasis in HCI
Advisor: John Canny
To Be Conferred: December 2008

University of California - Berkeley, Berkeley CA
Master of Science - Computer Science, emphasis in HCI
Advisors: Marc Davis and Jennifer Mankoff
GPA: 3.8/4
December 2005

Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh PA
Bachelors of Science
Major: Computer Science
Minor: Engineering Studies
GPA: 3.5/4
May 2002

Smoky Hill High School, Aurora CO
High School Diploma
International Baccalaureate Diploma
May 1998


Human Computer Interaction Graduate Intern , Intel Research – Santa Clara, CA (Fall 2007)
Mentor: Barbara Rosario
Dynamically Composable Computing Speech Interface

  • Trained a language model for use with the Nuance speech recognizer on existing transcripts of sample commands.
  • Tested four standard classification algorithms to label each command with the action (display, clipboard, files) and direction (push, pull) and one tagging algorithm to tag the name of each device using the toolkit Mallet.
  • Integrated open source audio libraries to pass audio directly from the microphone to the Nuance speech recognizer.

Human Computer Interaction Graduate Intern , Fuji Xerox Palo Alto Laboratory Palo Alto, CA (Summer 2004)
Mentor: John Adcock
Video Database 3D Gestural Interface

  • Designed and implemented a gestural interface for a video database visualization tool using data gloves and 3D-Brids as input devices.

Software Engineer Intern , Microsoft – Redmond, WA (Summer 2001)
Mentor: Bruce Forstal
Register Name Insensitive Assembly Difference Tool

  • Designed and implemented a filter on a diff tool to allow compiler developers to filter out benign register name differences when comparing generated assembly code before and after making a change to the compiler.


Human Computer Interaction Graduate Student Researcher , University of California at Berkeley – Berkeley, CA (Spring 2006 - present)
Advisor: John Canny
Natural Speech Interface for Workspace Lighting Control

  • Design and deploy a speech interface for workspace lighting control in a lab with eighty individually controllable overhead lights and twenty regular occupants that allows occupants to train the system on their personalized lighting scenes and commands.
  • Implement a web-based graphical interface to allow occupants to configure lighting scenes manually and record training data.
  • Coached and trained two undergraduate researches who implemented the first iteration of the web-based graphical interface.

Human Computer Interaction Graduate Student Researcher , University of California at Berkeley – Berkeley, CA (Spring 2003 - Fall 2005)
Advisor: Marc Davis
Active Capture: System Direction of Human Action

  • Designed an automated photo ID photo booth using an existing code base for developing system that direct human action.
  • Developed a visual language to concisely represent the timing, the requirements of user (i.e. facing the camera, smiling) and actions if requirements are not met (“please face the camera”) to help the members of the team work more effectively together.
  • Lead and coordinate an interdisciplinary team of three undergraduate researchers on the project.

Ana Ramírez Chang. "Illuminac: Simultaneous Naming and Configuration in Workspace Lighting Control." In Proceedings of UbiWORK Workshop at the ACM International Conference on Ubiquitous Computing(Ubicomp), 2008.

Ana Ramírez Chang. "Designing Systems that Direct Human Action" in Masters of Science, Computer Science Division, University of California, Berkeley, 2005.

Ana Ramírez Chang and Marc Davis. "Active Capture Design Case Study: SIMS Faces." In Proceedings of Conference on Designing for User eXperience (DUX 2005) in San Francisco, California, 2005.

Ana Ramírez Chang and Marc Davis. "Designing Systems that Direct Human Action." In Extended Abstract Proceedings of CHI 2005, Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, 2005.
Ana Ramírez
and Marc Davis. “Active Capture and Folk Computing.” In Proceedings of IEEE International Conference on Multimedia and Expo (ICME 2004) Special Session on Folk Information Access Through Media in Taipei, Taiwan, IEEE Computer Society Press, 2004.

Jeffrey Heer, Nathaniel S. Good, Ana Ramírez, Marc Davis, and Jennifer Mankoff. "Presiding Over Accidents: System Direction of Human Action." In Proceedings of CHI 2004, Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, 2004.

Marc Davis, Jeffrey Heer and Ana Ramírez. "Active Capture: Automatic Direction for Automatic Movies (Demonstration Description)." In Proceedings of 11th Annual ACM International Conference on Multimedia in Berkeley, California, ACM Press, 88-89, 2003.

Honors National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship (Fall 2004 - Summer 2007)
Computing Research Association Outstanding Undergraduate Award Honorable Mention (2002)
Microsoft Minority Full Tuition Scholarship (Fall 2001)
Skills Programming Languages: C#, Java, C++, C, Python, ML, Matlab, Scheme
Tools: IIS, Web Services, Flex Builder, Subversion, CVS, Eclipse, Visual Studio, Google Web Toolkit (some)
HCI: Contextual Inquiry, Heuristic Evaluation, Wizard-of-Oz, User Studies, User Centered Iterative Design
Public Speaking: Technical Conference Presentations to 50 people, Computer Science Lectures to 60 students
Relevant Courses Information Visualization (CS 294-10)
Data Analysis
Human-Centered Computing (CS294)
Mathematical Thinking and Problem Solving (EDU224A)
Digital Media Design Studio (IS290-10)
Computer Vision (CS280)
Research Topics in Human-Computer Interaction (CS260)
Multimedia Information Systems (IS246)
Design and Analysis of Programming Languages (CS263)

UCB - CS61A Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs (Summer 2006)
Lecturer for second half of summer term (60 student class)

+ Prepare and give an 80 min lecture four times a week
+ Coordinate two teaching assistants and two grading assistants
+ Write and give two midterms and one final with the teaching assistants

UCB - IS246 Multimedia Information (Fall 2003)
Professor Marc Davis (marc[at]sims.berkeley.edu)

+ Review Film Theory Assignment
+ Critique 2min films
+ Provide guidance on final projects


UCB - CS164 Programming Languages and Compilers (Spring 2003)
Professor George Necula (necula[at]cs.berkeley.edu)

+ Lead two weekly discussion sections
+ Grade Exams
+ Hold weekly office hours
+ Write exam questions


UCB - CS61a Structure & Interpretation of Computer Programs (Fall 2002)
Professor Larry Rowe (rowe[at]cs.berkeley.edu)

+ Lead two weekly discussion sections and lab sections
+ Grade Exams
+ Hold weekly office hours
+ Write exam questions


CMU - CS212 Principals of Programming (Spring 2002)
Professors Mike Erdmann (me[at]cs.cmu.edu) and Jeannette Wing (wing[at]cs.berkeley.edu)

+ Lead weekly recitation section
+ Write two two-week projects with one other TA
+ Help write exam questions
+ Grade projects and exams

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