CS174: Combinatorics and Discrete Probability Spring 99

Instructor: John Canny, 529 Soda, jfc@cs.berkeley.edu, x2-9955, Office hours W-Th 2-3

TA: David Gibson, 581 Soda, dag@cs.berkeley.edu, x3-5425, Office hours W 3-4, Th 10-11

The final grades are here.

The final exam was 5-8pm in 60 Evans on Weds May 19th.
You are allowed to bring 4 sides of handwritten notes.
The exam will be 50% on the first 2 sections of the course (up to the second midterm), and 50% on the last section (cryptography, etc).
Here is a practice final (pdf). Solutions,

A review session will be held in 310 Soda, Friday May 14th, 3pm.

Graded homeworks can be picked up from the TA, in 581 Soda. All the grades are here!

There is a bug in the pdf plugin that may cause the math to disappear in some lecture notes.
If you have this problem, try saving the pdf file on your local disk before reading it.

Course Materials: