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Human-Centered Computing Seminar 

Fall 2000, 110 South Hall, Tuesday 4-5:30pm.

CS 298-31,
SIMS 290-2

Instructors: John Canny, 529 Soda Hall, x2-9955,, office hours Tu 1:30-2:30pm, Th 2-3pm
Nancy Van House, 307A South Hall, x2-0855,

The seminar will continue to address topics at the boundary between computer science and disciplines studying human behavior. Topics include education and development, collaboration, knowledge creation, design and cognition, and computers as tools and mediators of those activities.

Archive: Previous semester's speakers and abstracts.

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Schedule for Fall 2000  

Date Speaker Title
9/26/00 Martti Mantyla
Helsinki Institute of Technology
User Experience Research
10/3/00 Chris Dellarocas
MIT Sloan School of Management
The Design of Reliable Trust Management Systems for Electronic Trading Communities
10/10/00 Dan Russell
USER Lab, IBM Almaden Res.
Interfaces of the gestalt: Dealing with computing everywhere
10/17/00 John Lowe
Ask Jeeves Inc.
Identifying Individuals and Groups in Complex Organizations.
10/24/00 Shumin Zhai
IBM Almaden Research Ctr
Computer Input: innovation, theoretical modeling, and future exploration
10/31/00 Pamela Hinds
Stanford University 
Perspective-taking and information sharing among distributed workers: the effect of distance on shared mental models of work.   
11/7/00 Victoria Bellotti and Ian Smith
Xerox PARC
The Tale of the Curious Little Washing Rat In Which Raton Laveur Discovered that Personal Information Management is an Embedded Activity
11/14/00 Jed Harris and Austin Henderson A Better Mythology for System Design
11/21/00 Thomas Landauer
U. Colorado, Boulder
Modeling human verbal meaning with Singular Value Decomposition (SVD) of text corpora.
11/28/00 John Tang
Sun Microsystems
Shared Drawing: From Observational Studies to Working Prototypes.
12/5/00 Maarten Sierhus
Modeling and Simulating Work Practice