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Human-Centered Computing Seminar 

Fall '99, 110 South Hall, Tuesday 4-5:30pm.

CS 298-31, CCN: 25283
SIMS 290-2, CCN: 42723

Instructors: John Canny, 529 Soda Hall, x2-9955,, office hours W-Th 2-3pm
Nancy Van House, 307A South Hall, x2-0855,

This semester there will be a focus on knowledge creation and theories of collective activity. In knowledge creation, we will be concerned with tacit knowledge, collaborative work and the creation of "third generation" information systems. In the second category, we will be interested in theories of distributed cognition, situated action and activity theory. These theories provide a powerful and general basis for designing systems for computer-assisted learning, collaboration and HCI.  

HCC Readings: Here is a list of HCC-related books. Please feel free to suggest additions to it.

The course web page is while the general HCC project page is

To add yourself to the course mailing list, send an email to and in the body of the message put "subscribe hcc-talks". Don't put anything in the subject line.

Schedule for Fall '99 

Date Speaker Title
8/24/99 John Canny (UC Berkeley) Overview of HCC, retreat and seminar
9/7/99 Alice Agogino (UC Berkeley) Creating a Digital Learning Space for Science, Math, Engineering and Technology Education
9/21/99 Bonnie Nardi (AT&T Menlo Park) netWork
9/28/99 Ken Fishkin and Beverly Harrison (Softbook) Invisible Interfaces
10/12/99 Elin Ronby Pedersen
Tacit interaction
11/23/99 Paul Duguid (UC Berkeley) We're All Knowledge Workers Now: A social practice perspective on knowledge & organization
11/30/99 Nicole Ellison (USC) Telework: The changing technology, geography and culture of work