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Human-Centered Computing Seminar 

Spring 2002, 110 South Hall, Tuesday 3:30-5pm.

CS 298-31
SIMS 290-2

Instructors: John Canny, 529 Soda Hall, x2-9955,, office hours W 2-3pm, Th 3-4pm
Nancy Van House, 307A South Hall, x2-0855,

The seminar will continue to address topics at the boundary between computer science and disciplines studying human behavior. Topics include social context of IT, education and development, collaboration, knowledge creation, design and cognition, and computers as tools and mediators of those activities.

Archive: Previous semester's speakers and abstracts.

HCC Readings: Here is a list of HCC-related books. Please feel free to suggest additions to it.

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Schedule for Spring 2002 

Date Speaker Title
1/22/02 John Canny Overview of the seminar
2/5/02 Jeff Johnson (UI Wizards) Designing Responsive Software
3/12/02 Steve Harrison (Xerox PARC) The Drawstream Station
3/19/02 Patrick Baudisch (Xerox PARC) Focus Plus Context Screens:
Displays for Users Working with Large Visual Documents
4/2/02 Arnold Wasserman (Idea Factory) Ba: Collaborative Workspace in the High-Performance Organization
4/9/02 Nathan Shedroff Experience Design
4/16/02 Eugene Chen (Aaron Marcus & A) The Samsung Project
4/23/02 CHI-2002    
4/30/02 Alessandro Acquisti (SIMS/NASA) Agent Based Modeling of Human-Computer Collaboration and Work Practices Onboard the International Space Station
5/7/02 Victoria Belotti et al. Seven Slides and a fight: How Extreme Programming improved our design project process, but not our social skills