Mainstreaming Microfinance in Uganda

Matthew Kam (Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences) and
Tu Tran (School of Information Management and Systems)
Co-advisors: Professors John Canny and David Levine


Matthew Kam > Mainstreaming Microfinance


Our project team will perform a third-party evaluation of the successes and obstacles encountered in the implementation of the Remote Transaction System (RTS), a combination of technology and business processes that will extend microfinance to rural and peri-urban areas in Uganda. The RTS is being piloted by a public-private consortium of microfinance leaders, technology specialists and business thinkers convened by Hewlett-Packard.  Our team's findings will provide decision-makers in Uganda and other developing countries with a framework to design and implement an affordable technology solution for microfinance institutions, agents, and clients that will enable greater scale in lending and, eventually, commercial sustainability for the microfinance industry.


  • Matthew Kam, and Tu Tran.  Lessons from Deploying the Remote Transaction System With Three Microfinance Institutions in Uganda.  UNIDO-UC Berkeley Bridging the Divide conference (Berkeley, California), April 21-22, 2005.  (PDF)

  • To Ghana, Uganda, and Beyond: Fellowship Students Take to the Field.  In Forefront, College of Engineering, University of California, Berkeley, Fall 2004.  (HTML)

About the Fellowship

The UCB-UNIDO Fellowship is initiated by the University of California, Berkeley and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization to provide a new generation of graduate students with the opportunity to explore first-hand, the business, industrial development and technology-adoption issues facing developing countries.  Fellowship recipients will be sponsored to conduct field research on the application of technology in developing countries during summer 2004 as multi-disciplinary teams.  More details on the Fellowship at  


Tu Tran (left) and Matthew Kam (right) in Mbale, Uganda in summer 2004.

Preparing the Remote Transaction System for a client training session.

Microfinance group meeting with the Remote Transaction System.


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