Movies by Impulse.

All of the movies below were generated by the dynamic simulator Impulse.

These movies illustrate pure impulse-based dynamics. The time taken to run the simulations in this group ranged from 4 to 78 seconds (on an R4400 Indigo Extreme).

Hybrid simulation is a way of combining impulse-based simulation with traditional constraint-based techniques. Contact between different articulated bodies is modeled with impulses, while constraint equations govern relative motion at joints. The movies below illustrate some possibilities.

Recent research with Impulse supports control and behavior systems that can be attached to objects. By building on top of a robust and physically accurate dynamic simulator, simple control and bhavior laws can give rise to rich, interesting motion. (These movives are in .avi format; they are playable in unix via xanim.)

Brian Mirtich / / 25 July 1995