CS 61B: Data Structures (Spring 2000)
Admission to CS 61B

Prof. Jonathan Shewchuk

Will I get into the class?

The prerequisite for CS 61B is CS 61A or Engineering 77N (with a grade of B- or better). If you have taken and passed neither, chances are you will not be admitted, even if Telebears currently says you have been. Although Telebears does not prevent someone from registering for the course without prerequisites, checking software is run from time to time to automatically drop such students from the class. See the drop list outside of 379 Soda if you think this might happen to you. If you have passed either CS 61B or E 77N, but your grade was lower than B-, you will probably be admitted anyway.

If you have taken a course you feel is very similar to CS 61A you must fill out an appeal form in the main CS office, 393 Soda Hall. I do not handle appeals, so please do not attempt to lobby me for admission to the course. If you try to stay in the course when you have not satisfied the prerequisite, you will receive an F as your final grade.

If you have already taken a data structures course in any programming language (e.g., Pascal), you may not need to take CS 61B. If you know Java well, you might be able to skip CS 61B entirely, and if you don't, you might only need to take CS 9G (self-paced Java). If you feel that this course may be repeating prior experience, please see Mike Clancy in 779 Soda.

Question: I have satisfied the stated prerequisite (i.e., I have taken either CS 61A or E 77N and earned a grade of B- or better). Telebears admitted me to the class. What do I need to make sure I'm not dropped from the class?

Answer: Nothing.

Question: I have satisfied the stated prerequisite, but Telebears put me on the waiting list. What do I need to do?

Answer: Most likely, you have selected a lab/discussion section that is already full. Choose one of the sections that is not full and you will be admitted. We will only allow students into labs if they have been formally enrolled by Telebears, because there are only 28 seats in the room, so you cannot just crash a section. There is currently plenty of space in Sections 22 and 23.

Question:I have not taken either CS 61B or E 77N, but have taken a course that is very similar somewhere else. What should I do?

Answer: Go ahead and register through Telebears. Then fill out a petition in the CS Main Office (379 Soda). Note that ``lots of programming'' does not count as a replacement for the prerequisite--you need to have taken a very similar course, and these are not offered at many places. If you do not fill out a petition or your petition is not accepted, your name will be dropped from the class roster during the first few weeks of the semester. While you are waiting to find out, attend Section 22 or 23.

Question: Why aren't there more labs scheduled at the popular times?

Answer: There is only one room for CS 61B labs, so our only option is to add labs during off-hours. We will add sections to accommodate students if no lab time is available, but we cannot do anything about students who want to get into labs that are full.

Question: None of the available lab times fit with my schedule. What should I do?

Answer: You should try to adjust the rest of your schedule so that you can make it to one of the available labs. Otherwise, you can put your name on a waiting list for a section you want, but be aware that only the top few names for each of these lists is likely to make it into that section. Most likely, if you put your name on a waiting list for one of the labs, you will not be admitted to the lab and therefore not be admitted to the course at all.

Question: How can I find out which labs are available?

Answer: Follow this link.

Question: Can I attend a lab for which I am not enrolled through Telebears?

Answer: No.

Question: Can I attend a discussion section for which I am not enrolled through Telebears?

Answer: It's in your best interest to attend the discussion section that goes with the lab that you attend, since you'll get to know this group of students and the TA. This will help you find a group for projects. However, we aren't strict about limiting enrollment in the discussion section, because there are normally extra seats in these rooms.

Question: I would like to take the class through concurrent enrollment. What should I do?

Answer: First, as a concurrent enrollment student, you still have to satisfy the stated prerequisites, so you will not be admitted without CS 61A or E 77N. Because of the high demand for this class, concurrent enrollment students will only be admitted if there is space available in one of the labs. You should attend Section 22 or 23 for the first two weeks. At the end of the second week, we will decide whether there is room for concurrent enrollment students. If we accept you into the course, you can then register for any lab that still has space.

Question: I'm a graduate student in another department. Will I be admitted?

Answer: In CS lower division class, enrollment is not limited to CS majors. However, you must satisfy the prerequisite like any other student.

Mail inquiries to cs61b@cory.eecs