CS 61B: Data Structures (Spring 2000)
Midterm II

Solutions (yellow)

Problem 1. (7 points) Quickies.

a. The minimax algorithm could be said to be using either a preorder or a postorder tree traversal. (Either answer was accepted as correct.)

b. The maximum height of an n-node binary search tree is n - 1.

c. Pruning does not affect the answer produced by minimax.

d. x2z + xy.

e. Use two hash tables; one for authors and one for publishers.

f. None. Because of the finally clause, the only exception that can be thrown is a NullPointerException, which is unchecked.

Problem 2. (6 points) Data Structures.




Problem 3. (4 points) Merging Trees.

Set T's root to be the root of R. Find the node in R with maximum key. Set that node's right child to be the root of S.

Problem 4. (8 points) Inserting a Key into a Binary Heap.

public void insertItem(int key) {
  int i = size + 1;
  while ((i > 1) && (key < heapArray[i / 2])) {
    heapArray[i] = heapArray[i / 2];
    i = i / 2;
  heapArray[i] = key;

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