CS 61B: Data Structures (Spring 2012)
Getting Help: Office Hours and More

If you have questions about the computers in the lab or the lab servers you can login to remotely, including questions about the installed software (Java compiler, Emacs, etc.), hardware problems, and lost passwords, send email to Instructional Computing at inst@eecs or try the User's Guide to EECS Instructional Computing. Your instructors don't know much about these issues, so go straight to the experts.

The best place to ask questions about the class or the material is on the CS 61B Piazza discussion group. We (the instructor and TAs) check the discussion group regularly, and other students will be able to help you too. Other students will also be able to benefit from the answers. You should read this group regularly whether you post questions to it or not, so that you're not the last to find out about major changes to assignments and midterm dates.

If you don't want to make your question public, you may send email to cs61b@cory.eecs. Your email will be forwarded to the instructor and all the TAs.

For in-person assistance, here are our office hours. Like everything else, expect them to be on Berkeley time (starting 10 minutes after the hour). Most of the TAs spend their office hours in or near 283 Soda or 275 Soda. You may visit any TA you find convenient, not just your lab TA.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
10–11 am     Rohin, 411 Soda Varun, 611 Soda Varun, 411 Soda;
Tony, 275 Soda
11 am–noon         Harvey
noon–1 pm Razvan, 283E Soda     Raj, 611 Soda Razvan, Rohin
1–2 pm Andrew, 411 Soda Raj, 611 Soda Kuldeep Dan, 651 Soda Kuldeep
2–3 pm Lecture   Lecture Dan, 275 Soda Lecture
3–4 pm   Andrew, 283E Soda   David  
4–5 pm     Tony David Jonathan, 529 Soda
5–6 pm          
6–7 pm       Harvey  
7–8 pm     Jonathan, 283 Soda