Kristin Stephens-Martinez

Kristin Stephens-Martinez

ksteph [at]

Computer Science PhD Student

360 Hearst Memorial Mining Bldg

UC Berkeley, 94720-1776

About Me

I am a Computer Science PhD student at UC Berkeley, started August 2010. My Master's research work is in computer networking with Vern Paxson. My PhD research interest is in education, data mining, and information visualization. I am advised by Armando Fox and Marti Hearst. Specifically I want to find ways to best utilize Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) data and then create tools for professors to utilize this data to improve education. I sit in the Berkeley institute of Design (BiD) lab.

I am the EECS Peers coordinator. A group dedicated to supporting fellow graduate students with grad school life. I volunteer as a role model at Techbridge, an after school program to inspire girls in technology, science, and engineering. Last year I served as the computer science co-president for WICSE.

I graduated summa cum laude from University of Maryland (UMD) receiving my B.S. in Computer Science. I dabbled in various research areas while at Maryland including: software engineering with FindBugs, artificial intelligence by applying genetic algorithms to swarm intelligence, and computer networking.

Below are highlights from my CV, with the full version here.



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I post articles and interesting stuff I find on the Internet to my Google plus account.

I have several hobbies to balance out my grad school life. I make origami earrings (that can be seen here) and crochet. I also swing dance. Great dance venues include: Lindy on Sproul and Dancer's Den.

My craft stuff and other hobbies can also be seen on my blog Hobby Sanity.