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During my years at Cal, I have taught classes in EECS and in the Music Department.
HKN survey results for my EECS classes can be found here.

CS 250

Since 2009, I have been helping out John Wawrzynek and Krste Asanovic in teaching CS 250 (VLSI Design). See the class home page for details. Helping out with CS 250 has been a deja-vu experience for me, as it was the first class I taught at Cal (Spring 1994).

CS 194-6

In Fall 2008, I taught CS 194-6 (Digital Systems Project Laboratory). See the class home page for details.

EECS 152

I taught EECS 152 (Computer Architecture and Design) in Fall 2006,  Fall 2005, and Spring 2005. In Fall 2004 I co-taught EECS 152 with Professor David A. Patterson. Follow date links for class websites.

Music 209

I co-taught Music 209 (Advanced Topics in Computer Music) in Spring 2006, with Music Professor David Wessel. Follow date link for class website.

Guest Lectures

Below are slides from guest lectures I have done for classes around campus.

  • CMOS imager design lecture for CS 250 (VLSI Systems) Fall 2012 [PDF]  [PPT].
  • Capacitive touch sensor lecture for a CNMAT workshop. Summer 2008 [PDF]  [PPT].

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