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Berkeley Personal Robotics: Robotic Towel Folding


University of California Research [2011/6]
Berkeley News Office [2010/4/2]
Berkeley College of Engineering Innovations [2010/6]


Science 360 [Movie] Innovation Nation [Movie]

TV and Radio

ABC Bay Area News [2012/5/22]
MIT TR35 4-minute Presentation [2011/10/18]
NBC Bay Area News [Live interview 2011/07/20]
PBS NewsHour [Lehrer Report 2010/10/29]
BBC [Live interview 2010/4/7]
BBC [Cuts from interview 2010/4/7]
Loaded on CNET [2010/4/6]
Loaded on CBS [2010/4/6]
NBC Bay Area [Evening News 2010/4/5]


New York Times, New York Times cover [2011/07/12]

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Stanford Autonomous Helicopter


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