Adding Scripting to TOSSIM

CS 294-1, Fall 2003
Phil Levis and Mike Demmer
Tython Manual

TOSSIM allows users to develop and test TinyOS applications in a controlled and repeatable manner. The simulator provides an API for external programs to interact with a running simulation, by changing radio connectivity, making motes boot or fail, and controlling ADC readings. However, the ability to interact with a running simulation is currently only available through TinyViz, a GUI. Interacting with a simulation in a repeatable and controlled way is difficult and laborious.

Our goal is to provide users a scripting interface to TOSSIM. Having executable scripts will enable regression testing and simplify comparative analysis between different systems. Users will be able to schedule mote boot times, inject packets, modify radio connectivity, and do all of the things currently available through the TOSSIM API . In addition to these low-level operations, the scripting language will provide higher-level programming primitives, such as scripting mote motion, and executing code in response to an event from TOSSIM (e.g., run a script when a mote's routing parent changes). In addition to loading scripts at simulator boot, users will also be able to dynamically interact with a running simulation.

The scripting language is based on Jython, a Java implementation of the Python language. In addition to all of the Python programming constructs, Jython includes access to Java classes and libraries. This means users will be able to access all of the rest of the TinyOS Java toolchain from within the scripting environment.

Our project also includes several improvements to TOSSIM, including accurate packet-level simulation, simplified variable access, and, if possible, alternative radio models (e.g., mica2) to the current EmpiricalModel, which is based on mica data.

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