Magnetic Hard Disk Drives- Advances Through The Year 2000 And Beyond

Dr. Edward Grochowski
IBM Almaden Research Center
San Jose CA 95120-6099

Magnetic hard disk drives are the dominant storage technology and have been applied in all information processing applications as servers for large enterprise computers to desktop and mobile personal comouters. This product has been the recipient of significant technology innovations as magnetoresistive and giant magnetoresistive sensors, advanced thin film disks and high performance PRML data channels. The results have been areal density increases at 60% per year and commensurate price per megabyte reductions yielding an 1998 industry average capacity per drove of over 4 gigabytes at a price of about $200. To maintain this rapid progress throughout the next decade, new sensor and disk technologies will be employed, continuing this product through the superparamagnetic effect. These innovations and their impacts on future drive capacities. performances and overall designs will be presented.