Markoff, John  Shift to simplicity promises big advances in computing. (reduced instruction set computers) New York Times v137, n47,477 (April 16, 1988):1(2).

Abstract: The computer industry is gradually endorsing a new, simpler design called reduced instruction set computer (RISC), which cuts out many performance-reducing instructions built into microprocessors. Processing of data is done in elementary steps, repetitively and at faster speeds. Virtually every major computer vendor has introduced a RISC based system or is developing one or has endorsed one. Momentum for RISC will increase with the introduction of a powerful new RISC-based microprocessor by Motorola, on Apr 18; this follows announcements of other RISC microprocessors or computers from Sun, MIPS, IBM, Intel, Fairchild Semiconductor, Advanced Micro Devices, Hewlett-Packard and Apollo Computer. Few RISC-based computers have actually reached market, but interest in RISC technology is expected to grow rapidly and result in an eventual industry shakeout.