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Privacy Preserving Data Platform

Today, we are left with no option but to trust that third party cloud based systems with who we trust our information will not actively or inadvertantly share the information without consent. We are building a platform wherein the platform can provide proof that neither the application nor the cloud provider can misuse user data. This is a current project under active development.

GUPT: Privacy-Preserving Data Mining Platform

Anonymizing of data sets is extremely hard. There has been recent advances in cryptography that has defined a technique called Differential Privacy that defines the minimum amount of noise to perturb the result in order to ensure privacy of the data records. In this project, we build upon the LoCal SensorDB platform to provide an easy to use interface for analysts to mine data while transparently ensuring the privacy of the data records. This is still work in progress, do contact me if you want further information.

LoCal SensorDB

We store billions of data points collected from various sensors in buildings on campus. In order to cater to the different type of workloads (Real time analysis, Interactive analysis and Data warehousing analytics), the LoCal SensorDB provides a distributed and scalable data store for time series data. The project makes liberal use of software developed as part of the Apache project. The architecture for the platform isn't quite written up yet. But if you are interested, or want to start storing your information in the DB, do contact me. You can see a dashboard of the data here.


DeTail is a software router implementation (based on Click) designed for low latency network protocols. This project is under active development and the source code will be made available soon. You can read a tech-report on the subject for further details.

Linux Desktop Testing Project

I was a contributor for the LDTP project which performs GUI testing for GNOME applications. My contributions are available upstream.


Hackzor is a versatile online programming contest judge. This was written to host the Kurukshetra Online Programming Contest. The code is hardly maintained now but can be found on Google Code.

Python bindings for VersaTap

I wrote python bindings around the VersaTap RS485 sniffing module. This is only includes a partial implementation of their proprietary API. The seller is quite liberal in sharing the protocol documentation, and I encourage you to extend the library. Code is here.

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