Rachit Agarwal


B.Tech, IIT Kanpur

I am a postdoc at AMPLab, UC Berkeley working with Ion Stoica. At UC Berkeley, I am leading the Succinct project that is the first distributed data store that enables a wide range of point queries (e.g., search, RegEx, random access) directly on a compressed representation of the input data. Over the last year, a number of projects at AMPLab have spun out of the Succinct project (e.g., SuccinctX, BlowFish, MiniCrypt, ZipG).

More recently, I have also been working with Sylvia Ratnasamy on interesting networking problems around resource disaggregation in datacenter networks. See our recent work on pHost (decoupling flow scheduling policies from the network fabric), Universal Packet Scheduling, and characterizing network support for resource disaggregation.

Prior to coming to UC Berkeley, I completed my PhD at UIUC where I worked with the very awesome duo of P. Brighten Godfrey and Matthew Caesar. During my PhD, I was awarded the 2012 UIUC Rambus Research Fellowship (for outstanding performance in computer science and engineering research), the 2010 UIUC Wang-Chung research award (for excellence in research), and was listed in Spring 2010 list of teachers ranked as excellent by their students (for excellence in teaching; Jeff Erickson’s undergraduate algorithms course).

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