Syllabus for CS 188, Spring 2004
Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

Subject to change; due dates are approximate until the assignment is posted.
Lecture Topic Readings in AIMAAssignments
Jan 21Introduction, history Chapter 1A0 (Lisp)
23Intelligent agents Chapter 2
26Intelligent agents contd.
28Problem solving, uninformed search Chapter 3A0 due, A1 (Search)
30A* search and heuristic functions Chapter 4.1-4.2
Feb 2Local search Chapter 4.3-4.4
4Online search Chapter 4.5
6Constraint satisfaction Chapter 5.1-5.2
9Constraint satisfaction contd. Chapter 5.3-5.4
11Game-playing Chapter 6.1-6.3A1 due
13Game-playing contd. Chapter 6.4-6.7
16Presidents' Day Holiday Anyone Can be An Expert Skier 2:
Powder, Bumps, and Carving
A2 (Local search, CSPs)
18Logical agents; propositional logic Chapter 7.1-7.4
20Inference in propositional logic Chapter 7.5-7.7
23First-order logic Chapter 8.1-8.3
25Inference in first-order logic Chapter 9.1-9.2
27Inference contd., logic programming Chapter 9.3-9.4
Mar 1Planning problems Chapter 11.1-11.2A2 due
3Partial-order planning Chapter 11.3A3 (logic)
5Planning as logical inference Chapter 11.5
10Uncertainty, probability Chapter 13.1-13.4
12Independence, Bayes' Rule Chapter 13.5-13.7 A3 due
15Bayesian networks Chapter 14.1-14.3
17Exact inference in Bayesian networks Chapter 14.4
19Approximate inference in Bayesian networks Chapter 14.5
22Spring Break
24Spring Break
26Spring Break
29Temporal probability models; Hidden Markov models Chapter 15.1-15.3
31Speech recognition Chapter 15.6
Apr 2Dynamic Bayesian networks Chapter 15.5
5Utility theory Chapter 16.1-16.4
7Decision networks; value of information Chapter 16.5-16.6
9Sequential decisions Chapter 17.1
12Dynamic programming algorithms Chapter 17.2-17.4
14Learning Chapter 18.1-18.2
16Decision tree learning Chapter 18.1-18.3
19Statistical learning Chapter 20.1-20.2
21Learning in Bayesian networks Chapter 20.3
23Neural networks Chapter 20.5
26Natural language communication and syntax Chapter 22.1-22.3
28Natural language semantics Chapter 22.5-22.7
30Computer vision Chapter 24
May 3Robotics Chapter 25.1-25.3
5Robotics contd. Chapter 25.4-25.6
7Philosophical issues Chapter 26.1
10Philosophical issues, contd. Chapter 26.2
17Final (8.00am - 11.00am)

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