Sameer Agarwal


Software Engineer, Databricks Inc.
Distributed Systems and Databases
Phone: +1-510-610-1217

Note: I successfully defended my thesis in May'14 and am now at Databricks Inc. I can be reached via email at

I received my PhD in Databases from University of California, Berkeley where I worked with Prof. Ion Stoica and Prof. Sam Madden at the AMPLab. During the course of my thesis, I led the research, design and development of BlinkDB, an open-sourced, massively parallel, approximate query processing framework that guarantees sub-second query latencies on unbounded data by trading-off on the accuracy of results. Before that, I also actively collaborated with Dr. Srikanth Kandula at Microsoft Research, Redmond on RoPE (Re-Optimizer for Parallel Execution). RoPE optimizes parallel executions by leveraging a variety of runtime/intermediate data statistics and has been successfully deployed on production clusters at Microsoft Bing. I completed my undergraduate education from the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati in 2009 and was awarded the prestigious President of India Gold Medal.

I was a Qualcomm Innovation Fellow during 2012-13 and a Facebook Graduate Fellow during 2013-14.


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