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Lecture #17 -- Mon 3/28/2011.

Warm-up Problem:

Try to make a list of all the different ways in which two rigid components can relate to one another in a kinematic joint.

(Think about the joints in your body or in your car for examples.)

How many degrees of freedom does each of these joints have ?

Joints, Articulated Skeletons, Forward and Inverse Kinematics

Types of Kinematic Joints and Linkages

Forward Kinematics

Inverse Kinematics

Some special roller-coasters from A#7:

Ye Yuan

Brandon Wang

Andrew Lee

Recap on:  Surface Decoration

Texture mapping:

Bump mapping:

Displacement mapping:

Environment mapping:

Implementation of all these techniques:
This typically occurs through special graphics hardware: GPU's (Graphics Processing Units),
using special Shader programs that work on a  per-vertex
per-fragment or per-pixel  basis.
Example of a typical processing pipeline.

Discussion of Midterm Exam

Min=36, Max=133, Mean=92, Stdev=21;  Approximate evaluation:  A=110;  B= 87;  C=65.

If you find any grading problems, please describe the problem on the back of the exam, or on a separate sheet of paper,
and hand the exam back to me;  I will then take a second look at that problem.

Comments on last question. Review of reflection, refraction, raytracing. Nice demo of Snell's law.

Reading Assignments:

Notes on Forward and Inverse Kinematics
Shirley: [ 2nd Ed: Ch 16.4.0
Shirley: { 3rd Ed: Ch 17.4.0 }

Programming Assignment #8:
May be done in pairs;
due (electronically submitted) before <NEW DATE!> Wednesday 3/30, 11:00pm

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