CS39R -- Symmetry and Topology -- Spring 2013 -- Schedule

   1/28 C. H. Sequin
What is symmetry?  Bilateral and Rotational Symmetries in 2D.
 L2    2/04 CHS
Translation.  Frieze Symmetries.  Symmetry Groups.
 L3    2/11 CHS Symmetry of Finite Objects.  Intro to Topology.  The Genus of an Object.
     2/18 HOLIDAY
=== Presidents' Day ===
 L4    2/25 J. Andrews Finding Approximate Symmetry by Computer.
 L5    3/04 CHS The 5 Platonic Solids.  Regular Polytopes in Higher Dimensions.
 L6    3/11 CHS Graph Embeddings. Global Connectivities of a 2D World.
 L7    3/18 CHS Cylinder; Tori; Moebius Bands; Klein Bottles; the Projective Plane.

HOLIDAY === Spring Break ===
 L8    4/01 CHS Highway Cloverleaf Design.  Classification Theorem of 2-Manifolds.
 L9    4/08
Regular Homotopies.  Turning Things Inside-Out.
 L10    4/15 CHS Wallpaper Symmetries. Conway's Magic Theorem.
 L11    4/22 Class Student Project Presentations.
 L12    4/29
Class Student Project Presentations.

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